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Faculty Forum

News about and by the faculty of The National Judicial College.

Spotlight on Faculty: Karen Arnold-Burger

What is your legal/judicial background?

Currently, I serve as the Chief Judge of the Kansas Court of Appeals (since January 9, 2017). I’ve served as: Court of Appeals Judge (2011-Present); Overland Park Municipal Judge (1991-2011); Assistant U.S. Attorney-District of Kansas (1989-1991); and First Assistant City Attorney (1982-1989).

Spotlight on Staff: Lonnie Shodeen

What did you do before working at NJC? 

In my pre-family days I was a computer programmer turned systems analyst for Stanislaus County (California) working with the district attorney’s office and the jails (booking/release) system. Post family, I worked 13 years as a school secretary at a private Christian school (pre-K to eighth grade) in Modesto, California.

Excessive Worry—An Occupational Hazard

By Mike Ethridge

Those of us in the legal world have a problem. We tend to spend a lot more time ruminating, questioning and scenario planning than actually living.

Court Safety and Personal Security     

By Captain Tim Fox, Oregon State Police

The prevalence of violence against judges has been escalating in American society. Judges are at risk because they are perceived to threaten people’s family or home life, their income or employment, and their pride or self-image. The common-sense advice that follows can help keep you safe.

Teaching Tips: Bringing energy to your panel discussion

By Gordon Zimmerman, Ph.D., and William Brunson, Esq.

The panel format is one of the most frequently used methods in in-state judicial education conferences and seminars. Unfortunately, the format is also often one of the least satisfying methods for participants because the panelists don’t develop specific learning objectives.