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Check out technology upgrades in NJC classrooms

By Melody Luetkehans, Esq.
Kelly Zahara, contributing

We have upgraded the technology in multiple classrooms (Rooms 103, 1245-46) at the NJC, allowing you to enhance your presentations with a variety of display options. Classrooms are now 100 percent digital. Features include:

A Message from the Faculty Council Chair

Hon. Steve L. Smith

As I sit in my office on the Saturday before we celebrate Memorial Day, I am reminded of the ultimate sacrifice that countless men and women have made in the defense of our country. Sacrifices that have provided us the freedoms that we so often take for granted. Our country is far from perfect,

Teaching Tips By Myers-Briggs Type

By Hon. Jane Fishman

We know that all adult learners process information differently. They have distinct preferences in how they like to have information presented to them and what content they prefer to have included in a presentation.  We also know that presenters’ styles of presentation usually reflect their own preferences in this regard.

The College Designates Ron Hofer as NJC Distinguished Professor

A New Way to Think About Faculty Service

By Joy Lyngar

On January 1, NJC bestowed a new honor for the first time. We made Professor Ron Hofer an “NJC Distinguished Professor.” I probably don’t need to tell you about how great Ron is and why we considered him for our inaugural Distinguished Professorship. He has been teaching