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Faculty Forum

News about and by the faculty of The National Judicial College.

A Message from the Faculty Council

Hon. Don R. Ash

For the past year, I have had the honor to serve as the chairperson of the Faculty Council. Many times my friends and other National Judicial College participants ask me what is the Faculty Council and what does it do. Here, in a nutshell, is our story and mission.

Why Learning Objectives Matter

NJC faculty members have many teaching tools at their disposal, but no teaching tool is more important than well-crafted learning objectives. A learning objective specifically states what the participant will be able to do after attending an educational session that he or she was unable to do prior to the session. While learning objectives must always

Teaching Tips: All Those Certificates!

Beginning with this edition of the Faculty Forum, we will be offering tips for NJC faculty members. Typically, the tips featured will be ideas to use in the classroom as educational aids. But this edition’s “tip” will be a bit different due to a discussion that occurred at our most recent Faculty Council (FC) meeting between