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The NJC is proud of its history of achievement for over 50 years and is grateful to those who have helped us along the way. Our commitment to the thousands of judges we have served, and to those we have yet to serve, remains key to our mission of education – innovation – advancing justice.

  • NJC History


    For 50 years, The National Judicial College (NJC) remains the national leader in judicial education. The first to offer programs to judges nationwide, the NJC continues to work with the judiciary to improve productivity, challenge current perceptions of justice and inspire judges to achieve judicial excellence. MORE...

  • NJC President


    For over 50 years, The National Judicial College has been meeting the ever-changing challenges of educating the nation’s judiciary and improving the administration of justice. As I lead the College into the next 50 years, we will continue to excel in delivering innovative judicial education for our nation’s judges. The NJC and its dedicated staff, faculty, Trustees and Board of Visitors stand ready to meet those challenges with a steadfast commitment to education | innovation | advancing justice. MORE...

  • Boards, Faculty and Staff


    Since our founding, we have envisioned a collaborative and innovative synergy of outstanding faculty, dedicated learners and accomplished alumni, donors and friends collectively pursuing a key vision of increased judicial proficiency, productivity and competency. With this momentum, the NJC continues to be a unifying voice in that effort. The College’s dedicated boards, faculty and staff members stand ready to assist the nation’s judiciary with innovative programs and services that have become the hallmark of our success. MORE...

  • Board of Visitors


    The NJC’s Board of Visitors is a nationally recognized and select group of individuals charged with furthering the quality of education offered by the NJC. They are renowned professionals who bring a cross-section of perspectives to improve the administration of justice through education. Members also serve as goodwill ambassadors of the NJC by enhancing awareness of the College and assisting with fundraising efforts. MORE...

  • NJC Partners


    Strategic partnerships enable the NJC to develop shared processes for mutual success in achieving goals that no individual organization could achieve on its own. Building these innovative partnerships with key justice entity stakeholders has allowed the NJC to expand its reach and scope of judicial education offerings. MORE...

  • Jackson Lecture


    The NJC's Jackson Lecture series is held twice a year during the College's General Jurisdiction course. It is named after Robert Houghwout Jackson who is best remembered for his vigorous decisions and wisdom and for his role as America’s chief prosecutor in the Nuremberg War Trials. MORE...

  • NJC Gift Shop

    The NJC offers various items for sale in the Gift Shop like T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, pins, mugs, padfolios and more. When you visit the NJC, come by the gift shop.

    NJC Gift Shop
  • NJC Press

    The NJC produces and features quality books on subjects like search and seizure, evidence, capital litigation and complex litigation by authors from around the nation. To order an NJC publication, please fill out the NJC Press Order Form.

    NJC Books
  • Press Room & Media

    For media and press inquiries about The National Judicial College, please contact the NJC's Communications Office at (800) 255-8343, (775) 327-8285 or email for more information. For NJC logo downloads, click here.

    NJC Press/Public Relations

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