• Chad Schmucker, President
    • Lonnie Shodeen, Executive Assistant

    • Joy Lyngar, Chief Academic Officer
    • William J. Brunson, Director of Special Projects
    • Joseph Sawyer, Director of Distance Learning
    • Katheryn Yetter, Academic Director

    Academic Department

    • Muriel M. Bartlett, Registrar
    • Rebecca Bluemer, Scholarship Coordinator
    • Sarah Dahl, Distance Learning Manager
    • Sharon Ehlert, Receptionist
    • Irene Hart, Program Attorney
    • Michael Jacobs, Program Attorney
    • Christal Keegan, Program Attorney
    • Melody Luetkehans, Program Attorney
    • Betty Morgan, Course Administrator
    • Crystal Noel, Course Administrator
    • Brenda Pardini, Assistant Registrar
    • Cat Todd, Course Administrator
    • Jennifer Uhrig, Course Administrator

    National Tribal Judicial Center

    • Christine Folsom, Director
    • Jennifer Leal, Program Manager
    • Ashlei Neufeld, Program Attorney
    • Kelly L. Zahara, Course Administrator

    • Ben Davis, Deputy Operations/H.R. Manager
    • Ernest Etcheverria, Purchasing Agent
    • Tony Scronce, IT/AV Manager – UNR Services

    Finance Department

    • Mary Gough Price, Finance Director
    • Dodie Schweitzer, General Accounting Manager
    • Sue DeFuentes, Staff Accountant
    • Katheryn Gardiner, Accounting Assistant – AR

    Development/Communications Department

    • Jeanne Hill, Director of Development/Communications
    • Erik Flippo, Graphic and Web Designer
    • Robert J. Gabrielli, Grant Writer
    • Kim M. Littman, Development Coordinator

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