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This is a chronological listing of the NJC's 2014 courses. Reno, Web-based and off-site courses are listed. Click on a course below for full description. If you would like to receive a 2014 course catalog or would like more information about a course, please contact the registrar's office at (800) 255-8343 or request a catalog online.



Advanced Evidence (JS 617) (San Diego, CA)
Administrative Law: Advanced (JS 649) (Wilmington, DE)
Administrative Law: Fair Hearing (JS 612)
Advanced Tribal Court Management
Appellate Skills for Tribal Judges



Best Practices in Handling Cases with Self-Represented Litigants



Civil Mediation (April)
Civil Mediation (October)
Commercial Driver’s Licensing Laws: Judicial Outreach Workshop
Co-occurring Mental and Substance Abuse Disorders
Court Management for Tribal Court Judges and Personnel (JM 690)
Current Issues in the Law (Philadelphia, PA)


Decision Making (JS 618)
Dispute Resolution Skills (JS 625)



Essential Skills for Appellate Judges
Essential Skills for Tribal Court Judges
Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground
Ethics, Bias and the Administrative Law Judge
Ethics, Fairness and Security in Your Courtroom and Community
Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges (March)
Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges (October)
Evidence in a Courtroom Setting (JS 633) (Seattle, WA)


Fundamentals of Evidence
The Fourth Amendment: Comprehensive Search & Seizure Training for Trial Judges (JS 645)



General Jurisdiction (JS 610) (April)
General Jurisdiction (JS 610) (September)



Handling Domestic Violence Cases in Tribal Court
Handling Capital Cases (JS 623) (San Antonio, TX)
Handling Small Claims Cases Effectively



ICRA: Protecting Rights in Tribal Court
Impaired Driving Case Essentials


Judicial Philosophy and American Law (Key West, FL)
Judicial Writing (JS 615)



Logic and Opinion Writing (JS 621)



Management Skills for Presiding Judges



Practical Approaches to Family Issues in Tribal Court



Selected Criminal Evidence Issues
Special Considerations for the Rural Court Judge
Special Court Jurisdiction
Special Court Jurisdiction: Advanced (JS 611)


Technology Assisted Crimes Against Children: Computer Search & Seizure and Other Pretrial Issues
Tribal Court Management of Alcohol and Drug Cases
Tribal Court Technology Conference



Writing for Tribal Judges
When Justice Fails: Threats to the Independence of the Judiciary (JS 644) (Washington, D.C.)



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