Courses for Administrative Law Judges

The National Judicial College is committed to providing the administrative law judge with meaningful educational and professional development opportunities. Administrative law judges can enhance professional skills, gain knowledge of substantive law, and improve management and technical skills through courses designed specifically for ALJs. The NJC offers programs and courses where questions are answered with practical, cutting-edge solutions, and where participants learn from experienced faculty and each other.

2016 Courses
2017 Courses

2016 Courses

Unemployment Compensation Board of Review: Making the Board a Partner in Handling the Next Economic Downturn

November 1–3, 2016 | Location Reno, NV | Tuition $750 | Conference Fee $250 What’s this?

Now is the time for your board to prepare for the next big challenges of the future. You can be sure there will be changes in workload and funding. The Administrative Justice Institute is again partnering with The National Judicial College to offer a unique opportunity to higher authority boards and their staffs to improve their services so that they are prepared for these challenges.

Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges

October 3-November 18, 2016 | Web | Tuition $615

Are you making evidentiary rulings with confidence? This Web-based course will develop the skills needed to rule accurately on issues of hearsay, foundation, privileges and burden of proof, and make correct determinations concerning both expert witness and lay witness observation through real-world examples and interactive tasks.

2017 Courses

Administrative Law: Advanced (JS 649)

July 24 – 27, 2017 | Location Chicago, IL | Tuition $1,395 | Conference Fee $499 What’s this?

This course for experienced administrative law judges, adjudicators and hearing officers gives an in-depth look at federal and state administrative law including evidentiary trends in administrative proceedings, due process, and the implications inherent in conducting telephone hearings. Special emphasis is placed on the impact of recent decisions.

Administrative Law: Fair Hearing (JS 612)

August 14 – 24, 2017 | Location Reno, NV | Tuition $1,699 | Conference Fee $569 What’s this?

This intensive two-week course provides newer state and federal administrative law adjudicators a solid foundation in the tools and techniques to create and maintain a “fair hearing,” complete record, and clear order. Separate tracks are offered which recognize the differences between the conduct of low volume and high volume proceedings.

Ethics for the Administrative Law Judges

October 2 – November 17, 2017 | Web | Tuition $629

Rule with confidence, knowing your decisions are ethically appropriate. This faculty-led online course uses hypothetical scenarios, interactive learning activities and online discussion to explore the ethical issues that face the administrative law judge. You’ll be able to apply the Model Code of Judicial Conduct for federal administrative law judges and explain the differences between their individual state codes and the Model Code.

Schedule subject to change.