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Web Courses

The NJC’s web-based courses allow participants to study at any time and interact with many judges from around the country in a collegial online atmosphere. Expert faculty members will challenge participants with self-tests, assignments, and reading that can be completed anywhere a judge has access to an Internet-ready computer. Each course will meet for at least two prescheduled Web conferences hosted by the faculty.


Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground

Date Change: September 11 – October 27, 2017 | Web | Tuition $629

As a judge, you have the responsibility of upholding the Model Code of Judicial Conduct. Are you? During this course,

Special Considerations for the Rural Court Judges

September 11 – October 27, 2017 | Web | Tuition $629

Isolation, under-funding, lack of collateral social services in the community, and a high public profile. Do these things sound familiar? Judges in

Ethics for the Administrative Law Judge

October 2 – November 17, 2017 | Web | Tuition $629

Rule with confidence, knowing your decisions are ethically appropriate. This faculty-led online course uses hypothetical scenarios, interactive learning activities and online discussion to explore

Schedule subject to change.