Web Courses

The NJC’s web-based courses allow participants to study at any time and interact with many judges from around the country in a collegial online atmosphere. Expert faculty members will challenge participants with self-tests, assignments, and reading that can be completed anywhere a judge has access to an Internet-ready computer. Each course will meet for at least two prescheduled Web conferences hosted by the faculty.

Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground

May 18-July 3, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

As a judge, you have the responsibility of upholding the Model Code of Judicial Conduct. Are you? During this course, you will explore the foundation of ethics, review and apply the Code to behavior both on and off the bench, and develop a framework to improve cultural competence.

Ethics for the Administrative Law Judge

September 28-November 13, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

Rule with confidence, knowing your decisions are ethically appropriate. This Web-based course uses hypothetical scenarios, interactive learning activities and online discussion to explore the ethical issues that face the administrative law judge. You’ll be able to apply the Model Code of Judicial Conduct for federal administrative law judges and explain the differences between their individual state codes and the Model Code.

Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges

March 9-April 24, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

Also offered October 5-November 20, 2015

Are you making evidentiary rulings with confidence? This Web-based course will develop the skills needed to rule accurately on issues of hearsay, foundation, privileges and burden of proof, and make correct determinations concerning both expert witness and lay witness observation through real-world examples and interactive tasks.

Handling Small Claims Effectively

April 13-May 29, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

Small claims cases can be among the most stressful and frustrating that a judge is called on to handle in a court of limited jurisdiction. Litigants with no knowledge of the legal system or its procedures come to your court with fact situations often containing very challenging legal issues. Your job is to take these raw materials and structure them into a meaningful legal process resulting in speedy, inexpensive justice. This course will guide you through the small claims process from pretrial, to trial, to post trial proceedings, and it will help you develop the practical skills for dealing with each aspect of the process.

Selected Criminal Evidence Issues

February 23-April 10, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

You are often called on to make instantaneous decisions on the admissibility of evidence from the bench. Do you have a firm grasp on all of the rules of evidence as they apply to criminal cases? This Web-based course provides you with the tools to make evidentiary rulings quickly and confidently in criminal cases.

Special Considerations for the Rural Court Judge

September 14-October 30, 2015 | Web | Tuition $595

Isolation, under-funding, lack of collateral social services in the community, and a high public profile. Do these things sound familiar? Judges in rural courts throughout our nation share a unique circumstance marked by these issues. This course shares techniques and experience from rural judges in meeting these challenges, and provides tools and suggestions to the participants which can be adapted in their courts as circumstances warrant.

Schedule subject to change.