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Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are a top priority for The National Judicial College. In surveys conducted of judges who took courses in 2013 and 2014, 98% responded they would take another NJC course. When asked what would prevent them from taking another course, 75% listed lack of funding. Scholarship gifts help judges pursue continuing education opportunities at the NJC. Thank you to our many donors below who recognize that well-educated judges are the foundation of a free and independent judiciary.

Establishing a Scholarship

The NJC has two scholarship programs and invites donors to participate by establishing an Endowed or Annual Named Scholarship.

  • An Endowed Scholarship may be established in the name of the donor or in another name specified by the donor with a minimum gift of $25,000. The principal (corpus) of the endowment will be invested by the NJC Finance Office and the annual interest will fund the scholarship. The corpus of the endowment may never be spent. The donor may make additional contributions to add to the corpus at any time.
  • An Annual Named Scholarship may be established with a minimum of $2,500.

Please download the Scholarship Establishment Form if you are ready to make a scholarship gift. Return it to Jeanne Hill with check or credit card authorization payable to The National Judicial College. Click here for our mailing address.

Learn More About Establishing a Scholarship at the NJC

Contact Jeanne Hill, director of development and communications, at (775) 327-8257 or for more information on how you can make an impact on judicial education.

Current Endowed and Named Scholarships

  • Judge Neil Edward Axel Scholarship
    Maryland judges
  • George J. Barco Judicial Continuing Education Fund
    Pennsylvania judges (Preference to Zone 7)
  • Cameron Batjer Scholarship Endowment
    Preference to Nevada judges
  • M.R. Bauer Foundation
    Illinois Circuit Court (civil mediation) judges
  • Walter H. Beckham, Jr., Esq. Endowment
    Dade County, Florida judges
  • Bretzlaff Foundation Scholarship Endowment
  • Ben Caramella Scholarship Endowment
  • Colorado Judicial Institute
    Colorado judges
  • James C. Coombs Scholarship Endowment
  • William Dressel Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Judge Sophia Hall Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • William Randolph Hearst Foundation Endowment
  • Charles W. Matthews, Esq. Scholarship Endowment
  • K. Kellogg Foundation
    Secure family, community and civic engagement courses
  • Arie & Ida Crown Memorial Fund
    Cook County, Illinois
  • F Maddox Foundation
    Preference to New Mexico judges
  • Nevada Scholarship Endowment
    Preference to Nevada judges
  • Michael Pope Scholarship Endowment
    Cook County, IL judges
  • Senator William J. Raggio
    Nevada judges
  • Helen Roberti Charitable Trust
    Tribal judges
  • Judge B.B. and Estella J. Schraub Scholarship Fund
    Texas judges
  • John Ben Snow Foundation
  • South Carolina Bar Foundation
    South Carolina judges
  • South Carolina Circuit
    South Carolina Circuit Judges
  • Silver State Schools Credit Union Scholarship Endowment
    Preference to Nevada judges
  • Charles H. Stout Foundation
    Preference to Nevada judges
  • Dean Ernst John Watts Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Wells Fargo Foundation
    Preference to Nevada judges
  • Louis Wiener, Jr. Scholarship Endowment

The NJC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. Tax ID #942427596. Gifts are tax-deductible as provided by law.