New Caseflow Management Publication: Time to Redefine 12/22/10

How to Take Climate Change into Account: A Guidance Document for Judges 12/10/10

NJC’s Symposium on Scientific Evidence in Complex Civil Litigation is Now a (Free!) Webcast 11/24/10

ICAC Webcasts: Understanding Internet Technologies – How they work; how they are used by predators or investigators 11/22/10

Leading the Way in Educating Judges on Problem-Solving Courts 11/12/10

Judge Sophia H. Hall Receives the Justice John Paul Stevens Award From the Chicago Bar Association 10/25/10

Drugs: Identification, Recognition & Legal Update 10/20/10

Hon. Amy Karan Receives 2010 Payant Award for Faculty Excellence 10/19/10

Electing Nevada’s Judges: Protecting Impartiality and Ensuring Accountability 10/14/10

Jackson Lecture Featuring Charles W. Matthews of ExxonMobil 10/7/10

New Resources on Sentencing Sex Offenders 9/14/10

Jiggling Synapses: Construction Learning in the Brains of Mature Learners 9/9/10

Free Online Course: DWI Court Enhancement 8/31/10

Dividing the Waters National Conference to be Held November 3-6, 2010 in St. Louis, Mo. 8/28/10

The 2010 Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Planning Initiative (THWCPI) 8/19/10

NJC Offering Technical Assistance for Caseflow Management and Sentencing Sex Offenders 8/13/10

First Regional (Southeast) Child Abuse and Neglect Institute in Atlanta, GA 8/10/10

Tribal Court Practice and Procedure, September 13-16, 2010 8/6/10

Court Safety and Security Conference in Appleton, WI, August 18-20, 2010 8/4/10

Walking on Common Ground Tribal-State-Federal Judicial Symposium, October 12-13 in Michigan 7/29/10

Traffic Issues in the 21st Century in Tempe, AZ 7/9/10

Traffic Issues for Judges and Adjudicators: A Self-Study Web Course 7/8/10

Marybel Batjer, John Frankovich, Lydia I. Beebe, Oliver C. Mitchell and Kim Sinatra Appointed to the Board of Trustees of the NJC 7/6/10

Untangling the Web: Understanding Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country and the Role of Tribal Sovereignty 6/28/10

CCPIO Social Media and the Court Survey 6/17/10

COPS Tribal Methamphetamine Initiative Grant Program Available 6/16/10

Special Court Jurisdiction for New Judges 6/9/10

Free Model Curriculum CD on Immigration Convictions 6/7/10

Hon. Tim Evans, Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, to Speak at May Jackson Lecture 4/20/10

Free Webcast Sponsored by the Bureau of Justice Assistance 4/19/10

American Indian Justice Conference to be held June 7-10, 2010 in Tucson, AZ 4/5/10

CJI Webinar, Evidence-Based Policies and Practices to Reduce Recidivism: Implications for State Judiciaries, to be Held on April 14, 2010 3/31/10

Handling Domestic Violence Cases in Tribal Court Coming to Oklahoma 3/12/10

Co-occurring Disorders in the Courtroom: Screening and Assessment Instruments 3/11/10

Complex Civil Litigation Resource Guide 3/10/10

Judges Continue to Seek Benefits of Advanced Judicial Degrees to Improve Their Courts 3/1/10

Symposium on Scientific Evidence in Complex Civil Litigation 2/16/10

New Model Curriculum for Judges on Evidence-Based Sentencing to Improve Public Safety and Reduce Recidivism 2/9/10

Buy One Web Course, Get One Free! 1/19/10

Free CLE Program: Diversity on the Bench. Is the "Wise Latina" a Myth? 1/15/10

Death is Different: New Capital Cases Publication 1/12/10

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