Judge Leslie Hayashi Receives the Judicial Innovation Award 12/16/11

Tuition-Free Course: Essential Skills for Appellate Judges 12/14/11

Office for Victims of Crime to Eliminate Conference Fee 12/12/11

Free CDL Webcasts in 2012 12/9/11

Judge Don R. Ash Inspires a Fan Club 12/8/11

Liberian Magistrate Completes His First Web-Based Course at the NJC 12/6/11

Muriel M. Bartlett, Registrar, Receives the 2011 Staff Excellence Award 12/3/11

Professor Ronald R. Hofer Receives 2011 Payant Award for Faculty Excellence 12/2/11

Judge Nominated for Recognition in the 2012 Green Bag Almanac & Reader 12/1/11

Job Announcement: Court Administrator, Reno Municipal Court 11/29/11

Walking on Common Ground, Tribal/State/Federal Judicial Symposium 11/22/11

25 Years of Success for the Judicial Studies Program 11/14/11

Today’s Justice: The Historic Bases Offers Participants the Chance to Hear Oral Arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court 11/10/11

Batjer Scholarship Contributions Show Popularity of Nevada Justice 11/8/11

Walter H. Beckham, Jr. Remembered 11/7/11

Free Webinar: Silver Hair and Black Robe 11/4/11

Greenberg Traurig, LLP Sponsors Reception for NJC Trustees at in Las Vegas 11/3/11

Tribal Leaders Conference, Protecting Sovereignty: The Role of Tribal Courts 10/14/11

Human Trafficking: An Educational Webcast for Judges 10/13/11

2012 Internet Crimes Against Children Webcasts 10/12/11

127th Jackson Lecture Features Howard Putnam, former CEO of Southwest Airlines 10/10/11

Mazer Moss and Neugebauer of Pennsylvania Receive Advancement of Justice Award 9/29/11

Free Online Sessions in October 2011 9/20/11

Regional Conference for Northern California, September 27-28, 2011 9/15/11

Sentencing Implications: Handling Sex Offenders with Hon. Michael Sage 9/8/11

Public Employment Relations Commission in Olympia, Wash. Seeking Executive Director 9/6/11

NAALJ Conference in Santa Fe, September 18-22, 2011 8/29/11

Judge Cheechoo and the Goal of Leadership in Justice 8/25/11

NAHO Conference to Be Held November 13-16, 2011 in Santa Fe 8/24/11

Emerging Issues in Tribal Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction Conference 8/18/11

Judicial Ethics and the Intersection of Social Media and the Courtroom 8/15/11

The Confrontation Clause: “Everything Old Is New Again”: NJC to offer U.S. Supreme Court 2010-2011 Term Overview 8/10/11

Free Online Sessions in August and September 2011 8/9/11

Job Announcement: Administrative Judge (Legal), Nuclear Regulatory Commission 8/2/11

Strategies for Justice: Advanced Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse and Exploitation 8/1/11

U.S. Department of Agriculture Announces Notice of Funding Availability for Housing Preservation Grant Program 7/14/11

Free Online Sessions in July 2011 7/11/11

Scholarships Available for APPA Tribal Issues Committee Meeting in Chicago, IL 6/30/11

Justice Cameron M. Batjer Memorial Service and Reception to be held July 14 in Carson City 6/28/11

The Future of Evidence: How Science and Technology Will Change the Practice of Law 6/9/11

Free Online Sessions in June 2011 6/6/11

Essential Skills for Lay Advocates in Tribal Court, September 26-29, 2011 in Reno, NV 5/31/11

Stacy Leeds Named Dean at Arkansas-Fayetteville Law School — First American Indian Female Law Dean 5/20/11

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval to Speak at 126th Jackson Lecture 5/19/11

Scientific Evidence, Experts and the "Future" of Evidence 5/16/11

Register for the International Community Corrections Association Summit on Risks and Needs 5/14/11

Best Practices in Handling Cases With Self-Represented Litigants in Philadelphia 5/13/11

Administrative Law: Fair Hearing 5/12/11

National Institute of Justice: Solicitations Released to Replicate & Evaluate Hawaii HOPE 5/11/11

Alf W. Brandt Appointed Executive Director of Dividing the Waters Program at The National Judicial College 5/10/11

The Rules of Criminal Evidence 5/2/11

APPA 2012 Winter Training Institute San Diego, CA February 26-29, 2012 3/30/11

Walking on Common Ground Tribal/State/Federal Judicial Symposium in Oklahoma 3/25/11

Tribal Consultation Session: Implementing Section 221 of the Tribal Law and Order Act 3/15/11

Logic and Opinion Writing 3/12/11

Special Court Jurisdiction for New Judges 3/11/11

Administrative Law: Advanced in Delaware 3/10/11

Hon. Louis E. Condon (Ret.) Remembered as Judicial Education Leader and Valued NJC Board of Visitors Member 3/7/11

PBS’s “MINDS ON THE EDGE: Facing Mental Illness,” Fred Frese, Ph.D. to Teach at NJC’s
Co-Occurring Mental and Substance Abuse Disorders Course

NCJFCJ National Conference on Juvenile and Family Law 1/27/11

Job Position: Executive Director, Court of Appeals-Judicial Institute, Annapolis Maryland 1/18/11

Fox Valley National Training Conference: Responding to Missing and Unidentified Persons1/12/11

Civil Mediation Experience is "Priceless" 1/7/11

Dividing the Waters Benchbook Available 1/6/11

2011 Tribal Training Opportunities at Fox Valley Technical College 1/5/11


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