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Reflections from the Bench

Personal essays by your fellow judges (active or retired) talking about their experiences in the judiciary. Have an idea for an essay? Email it to

A Day in the Life of a Military Trial Judge

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By Linda Strite Murnane, Colonel, USAF, Ret.

I served my last 10 years of a 29.5-year military career as a military trial judge. A day in my life usually began with packing a suitcase. U.S. military trial judges are assigned through a system of circuits or centralized location, and are then

February 21st, 2018|

Reflections from the Bench: Swamp water jurisprudence

By Hon. Dennis Challeen (Ret.)

Excuses are the everyday language of the irresponsible. It should not surprise anyone that courtrooms are the meeting place for creative excuses. Through the years I’ve heard almost every kind of excuse imaginable, but there are always new ones; losers become quite creative in trying to avoid being responsible in order to direct blame elsewhere rather than

January 18th, 2018|

Reflections from the Bench: holiday judging stories

In the spirit of togetherness and sharing, we made Reflections from the Bench a group effort this month, asking judges to share their stories about judging over the holidays. We received more than a dozen stories, including one mirroring the plot of Miracle on 34th Street. Many other judges shared stories about releasing inmates over the holidays—some with positive outcomes,

December 21st, 2017|