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The NJC’s Web-based courses allow participants to study at any time and interact with many judges from around the country in a collegial online atmosphere. Expert faculty members will challenge participants with self-tests, assignments, and reading that can be completed anywhere a judge has access to an Internet-ready computer. Each course will meet for at least two prescheduled Web conferences hosted by the faculty.   


2014 Web Courses

February 10-March 28 | Selected Criminal Evidence Issues (Web)

March 10-April 25 | Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges (Web)

April 7-May 23 | Handling Small Claims Effectively (Web)

September 15-October 31 | Ethics and Judging: Reaching Higher Ground (Web)

September 15-October 31 | Special Considerations for the Rural Court Judge (Web)

September 22-November 7 | Ethics for Administrative Law Judges (Web)

October 6-November 21 | Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges (Web)


For more information contact Joseph Sawyer at (800) 25-JUDGE

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