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State Specific Commercial Driver's Licensing Webcasts
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In 2014, the NJC offered state specific Commercial Driver's Licensing webcasts for all 50 states. For more information and to view the recording of each webcast, click here.



NHTSA Webcast: The Computerized Assessment and Referral Systems (CARS) — Identifying Mental Health Disorders among DUI Offenders

April 16, 2015 10 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Mountain / 12 p.m. Central / 1 p.m. Eastern (60 minutes)
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Repeat DUI offenders often suffer from a number of psychiatric disorders and other psychosocial risks, which suggests that untreated mental health and behavioral issues may be contributing to the persisting high rate of DUI. However, treatment for DUI offenders most commonly consists of alcohol education and substance use treatment only, without addressing the possible underlying mental health and behavioral issues that may be present as well.



NHTSA Webcast: Tracking the Last Place of Drink

May 21, 2015 10 a.m. Pacific / 11 a.m. Mountain / 12 p.m. Central / 1 p.m. Eastern (60 minutes)
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The ability to identify where a DWI offender consumed his or her last alcoholic drink can provide vital information which can help the offender on the road to recovery, and can also provide information to detract future potential DWI offenders from committing an infraction. More than 62% of “last drinks” can be traced to a specific bar. By educating members of the public, including bar owners, liquor store owners, distributors, local law enforcement, and community leaders, a plan can be developed, in conjunction with each entity, to curtail the number of alcohol-related DWI infractions that occur. During this webcast Judge James Dehn will discuss a model "Tracking the Last Place of Drink: 'Safe Cab' Program," which is a program that was developed in conjunction with members of his community, to develop a cost-sharing cab ride plan which significantly reduced DWI offenses in his county.



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