Dividing the Waters offers three kinds of training sessions – general conferences, workshops, and webinars. The Program holds its general conferences, approximately 18 months apart, in different watersheds, where judges from across the West can learn about the local conflicts as well as how to address the broader challenges of water adjudication. The general conference includes a field day where judges see local conditions and talk to local water managers. Dividing the Waters workshops typically last 2 days and focus on a narrower topic. With fewer participants, the Program holds its workshops at the NJC in Reno. The Program’s webinars may address water law fundamentals or a timely topic, such as the 2015 drought webinars.

Information about the most recent conference at Baylor University in Texas can be found on the Past Conferences page.

Possible 2018 Workshop: Fundamentals of Water Adjudication?

At the 2015 conference, several judges identified a need for training on the fundamentals of water adjudication, related to both the substantive law as well as the practice (e.g., assessing experts). A December 2015 report from Governor Sandoval’s Nevada Drought Forum recommended that the Nevada State Government: “Explore opportunities for judicial education on water law.” The Program currently is discussing the possibility of organizing a fundamentals workshop in the near future. If you are interested in this kind of workshop, please contact the Executive Director.