DTW Conference Materials

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2015 Conference | Established Water Rights and Changing Conditions

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Water Law 101 Webinar

  • Layperson’s Guide to Water Rights Law

Welcome Reception – Gonzaga University School of Law


Washington: Water Agency Decisions in a Time of Drought, Growth, and Changing Needs

Mitigating the Exercise of Water Rights and Water Use


California: Grafting Groundwater & Surface Water Rights in a Drought

  • [Alf W. Brandt, Dividing the Waters] The California Water Challenge: Water Law and Regulation in Transition
  • [Dividing the Waters] Court Decision Abstracts: Light and Millview (2014)
  • [Gordon Burns] Groundwater Adjudication Reform – 2015: A Summary of SB 226 & AB 1390
  • [Lester Snow, California Water Foundation] (PowerPoint presentation)
  • [Andrew Sawyer, California State Water Resources Control Board] Grafting Groundwater & Surface Water Rights
  • [California Water Foundation] Report: Sustainable Waters for Cities, Farms, and the Environment
  • Watch here: https://youtu.be/v2YLS-0RpWc?list=PLI4HsxAADnRbcerr1XudphxkakmJcUqPy


The Justice River Watershed: An Exercise in Groundwater Hydrology & Biology in Court

  • [Dividing the Waters] Court Instructions to Experts
  • [Dividing the Waters] Small Group & Group Leader Instructions
  • [Professor Thomas Harter, University of California, Davis Stanford] Paper
  • [Professor Jack Stanford, University of Montana] Paper

Interstate Issues

  • [Clive Strong, Idaho Office of the Attorney General] paper

International Issues

  • The Columbia River Treaty and associated documents
  • Links to protocols for adaptive water governance, the future of the Columbia River Treaty
  • [Dave Ponganis, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers] Bonneville Power Administration (PowerPoint slides)
  • [Jim Heffernan, Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission] links to Indian water rights: relevant case Law
  • [Professor, University of Idaho College of Law] Challenges and Opportunities of the Expiring Columbia River Treaty


  • [Dividing the Waters Board of Advisors] Mitigating the Exercise of Water Rights and Water Use: A White Paper on Questions Judges May Consider
  • [Robert Anderson] Water Rights, Water Quality, and Regulatory Jurisdiction in Indian Country

2014 Conference | Changing Land, Changing Water

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents

Opening Reception – Introduction to Willamette River Watershed

  • (Gordon E. Grant, USDA Forest Service) The Ultimate Hydrologic Sponge: How Geology and Climate Define Streamflows in the Willamette River Basin

The Intersection of Land Use, Water Rights and Quality – Different Perspectives

  • (Richard Whitman, Office of the Governor, Salem, Oregon) The Intersection of Land Use, Water Rights and Water Quality – Perspectives from Oregon
  • (Judicial Officer, Water Court Referee, Glenwood Springs, Colorado) The Grand Intersection: Land Use, Water Rights and Water Quality – The Colorado Perspective
  • (Judicial Officer, Washington Pollution Control Hearings Board, Olympia, Washington) The Intersection: Land Use, Water Rights and Water Quality – The Washington Perspective
  • (Hon. Ronald B. Robie, California Court of Appeal) The Relationship of Water (Quality and Quantity) and Land Use in California
  • (Andrew Sawyer, Assistant Chief Counsel, State Water Resources Control Board) DTW California Update
  • (Andrew Sawyer) Summary of Developments in California Since October 2012

The Land and Water Science of a Growing Watershed: Willamette River Valley

  • (William Jaeger, Agriculture and Resource Economics, Oregon State University) The Willamette Water 2100 Project & Some Economics of Water
  • (Troy Brandt, River Design Group, Oregon) Willamette River Restoration – Changing Land, Changing Water
  • (David Hulse, Landscape Architecture, University of Oregon) The Science of a Growing River Basin ‐ Willamette Waters… Past, Present and Future
  • (Jennifer Wigal, Water Quality Division, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality) Overview of Water Quality Management and Regulation in Oregon

Water Rights Exercise: Changing Hydrology & Rigid Allocations

  • Muddy River Case Study Exercise

A Day on the McKenzie and Willamette Rivers

  • (Karl Morgenstern, Environmental Management Supervisor, Eugene Water & Electric Board) Field Day on the McKenzie River – May 16, 2014
  • (BLM – Oregon State Office) Overview of the Oregon and California Lands Act of 1937

Conference Dinner – Keynote Speaker

  • (John Shurts, Northwest Power & Conservation Council) Uniting the Waters: The Columbia River Treaty at 50

Indian Tribes: Emerging Power in Land and Water Management

  • (Prof. Robert T. Anderson, Director, University of Washington School of Law, Seattle, Washington) Indian Tribe and Water Management
  • (Judicial Officer, Dry Creek Rancheria of Pomo Indians, Geyserville, California) “And Still the Waters Run” A Brief Overview of the Law and Jurisdiction of Indian Water Rights
  • (Terese Neu-Richmond, Van Ness Feldman Seattle, Vice-Chair of the National Climate Assessment Development Committee) Third National Climate Assessment: Climate Change Impacts in the United States

Small Group Exercise in Comparison of Administrative & Judicial Adjudications

  • Adjudication Design Exercise
  • (University of Oregon, School of Law) Audio files of the Conference

2013 Conference | Judges and the Science of Instream Flow

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents
  • (Adapt. Mgnt. – Natural Resources) George H. Stankey, Roger N. Clark, Bernard T. Bormann, Adaptive Management of Natural Resources: Theory, Concepts, and Management Institutions, USDA (2005)
  • (Adapt. Mgnt. – App. Guide) Byron K. Williams and Eleanor D. Brown, et al., Adaptive Management, The U.S. Department of the Interior Applications Guide (2012)
  • (Adaptive Governance) Barbara Cosens, Adaptive Governance, Ecological Resilience and Changing Climate
  • (Adaptive Management) J.B. Ruhl and Robert L. Fischman, Adaptive Management in the Courts, 95 Minnesota Law Review 424 (2010)
  • (Adversarial Collaboration) Stephen E. Snyder, Daniel Luecke, and John E. Thorson, Adversarial Collaboration: Court-Mandated Collaboration Between Opposing Scientific Experts in Colorado’s Water Courts, Natural Resources & Environment (2013)
  • (64Ala.L.Rev) Jonathan Haidt, Moral Psychology and the Law: How Intuitions Drive Reasoning, Judgment, and the Search for Evidence, 64 Ala. L. Rev. 867, 868 (2013)
  • (Alluvial River) William J. Trush, Scott M. McBain, and Luna B. Leopold, Attributes of An Alluvial River and their Relation to Water Policy and Management (2000)
  • (Bridgeview) Bridgeview Vineyards, Inc. v. State Land Board, 211 Or App 251, 154 P3d 734, rev den, 343 Or 369 (2007)
  • (CO Water Court Rule 11) Colorado’s Uniform Rules for All State Water Divisions, Rule 11, Pre-Trial Procedure, Case Management, Disclosure, and Simplification of Issues (2009)
  • (Ecosystem Mgnt.) Barbara A. Cosens, Legitimacy, Adaptation, and Resilience in Ecosystem Management (2013)
  • (Edge-Forecasting) Philip E. Tetlock, How to Win at Forecasting (2012)
  • (ELOHA) Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration, Environmental Flows of Regional Water Management
  • (Flow Methods in CA) Improving Environmental Flow Methods Used in California Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Relicensing, Center for Watershed Science, University of California, Davis (pp. 5-41) (2011)
  • (Gen. Protocol-Restoration) Jack A. Stanford, et al., A General Protocol for Restoration of Regulated Rivers, Regulated Rivers: Research & Management (1996)
  • (IFS-Channel Maintenance) Larry J. Schmidt and John P. Potyondy, Quantifying Channel Maintenance Instream Flows: An Approach for Gravel-Bed Streams in the Western United States, United States Department of Agriculture (2004)
  • (Panel-Experts) Dividing the Waters on Judges and Experts (2013)
  • (Primer for IFIM) Clair Stalnacker, et al., The Instream Flow Incremental Methodology, A Primer for IFIM, National Biological Service, U.S. Department of the Interior (1995)
  • (River Restoration-Grand Canyon) Richard A. Valdez, et al., Science and the Value in River Restoration in the Grand Canyon, BioScience (1998)
  • (Rule Changes) James S. Witwer and P. Andrew Jones, Statutory and Rule Changes to Water Court Practice, Natural Science and Environmental Law-Water Law (2009)
  • (Stream Channel Ref. Sites) Cheryl C. Harrelson, C.L. Rawlins, John P. Potyondy, Stream Channel Reference Sites: An Illustrated Guide to Field Techniques, United States Department of Agriculture (1994)
  • (Two Cultures of Ecology) C.S. (“Buzz”) Holling, Two Cultures of Ecology, University of Florida (1998)
  • (TX Instream Flow) The Science of Instream Flows: A Review of the Texas Instream Flow Program (2005)
  • (Utilizing Scientific Evidence) John E. Thorson, Notes on Various Approaches for Utilizing Scientific Evidence in Complex Environmental Litigation (2013)
  • (PPKropf17) Roundtable of Judicial Experience in Instream Flow Adjudication
  • (PPMoyle17) Fishery 101: Fundamentals of Fishery Biology and Hydrology
  • (PPVladez17) Setting the Baseline and Monitoring the Outcomes
  • (PPChart17) Modeling the Baseline
  • (PP2Moyle17) Techniques for Setting Instream Flow Requirements
  • (PPStanford17) Techniques for Setting Instream Flow Requirements
  • (PPChart18) Other Factors Affecting the Fishery – Connection to Instream Flows
  • (PPThorson18) Adaptive Management: Incorporating Uncertainty into Judgments
  • (PPBrown18) Adaptive Management: Incorporating Uncertainty into Judgments
  • (PPCosens18) Adaptive Management: Incorporating Uncertainty into Judgments
  • (PP17-18) Hydrologic Models: Assessing Instream Flow and Habitat Management Measures

2012 | Making the Connection: Surface and Groundwater

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents

Roundtable Discussion: Special Master Ramsey Kropf

  • DTW Case Summaries:
    • QSA Decision (CA), Subdistrict No. 1 Decision (CO);
    • PPL Montana (Sup. Ct), Sackett (Sup. Ct.)

Opening Presentation: Professor Harrison C. Dunning

  • Joseph Sax, Review of the Laws Establishing the SWRCB’s Permitting Authority Over Appropriations of Groundwater Classified As Subterranean Streams and the SWRCB’s Implementation of Those Laws, Report to SWRCB (2002)
  • City of Los Angeles v. Pomeroy, 124 Cal. 597 (1899)
  • National Audubon Society v. Sup. Ct., 33 Cal. 3d 419 (1983)
  • North Gualala Water Co. v. State Water Resources Control Board, 139 Cal. App. 4th 1577 (2006)

Opening Presentation: Burke Griggs

  • REPUBLICAN RIVER COMPACT: Federalism, The Compact, and the Serial Crises of State Water Law, 100 The Water Report 1 (June 2012) (reprinted by permission)

Groundwater Conflict in Nevada: Susan Joseph-Taylor

  • Big Groundwater Disputes – The Cooperative Water Project: Importation of Groundwater from Eastern Nevada to Las Vegas (Outline)

Science of Groundwater: Dr. Thomas Harter

  • A. J. Boulton and P. J. Hancock, Rivers as Groundwater-Dependent Ecosystems: A Review of Degrees of Dependency, Riverine Processes and Management Implications, Australian Journal of Botany, 2006, 54, 133–144

Use of Scientific Experts: Hon. Gregory Hobbs and Judicial Officers

  • Materials on Use of Scientific Experts

Legal Connections: Surface and Groundwater Law – The Idaho Experience: Hon. Eric Wildman and Chris M. Bromley

  • Conjunctive Management Presentation
  • Conjunctive Management Court Decisions

Keynote Speaker: Professor Stephen McCaffrey

  • Stephen C. McCaffrey, The International Law Commission Adopts Draft Articles On Transboundary Aquifers, 103 Amer J of Int’l Law 272 (2009)

Delta Discussions/Role of Judges: Honorable Ronald Robie

  • Ronald B. Robie, Role of Judges in Water Management
  • Alf W. Brandt, Assembly Floor Analysis of SB 1 X1 (Simitian/2009)

Delta Discussions/Ethics: Dean Irma Russell

  • Irma S. Russell, Materials on Judicial Ethics

Nuts & Bolts of Judgments/Decrees: Special Master Vickie Gabin

  • Nelson, Michael C., Post-Decree Administration of Indian Water Rights in Multijurisdictional Settings,
  • San Juan River/Pagosa (CO) Final Decree
  • Recommendations for Concluding Big Horn River Adjudication

The Enforcement Toolbox: Special Master John E. Thorson, Hon. Eric Wildman, Colorado State Engineer Richard Wolfe, Delta Watermaster Craig Wilson

  • Kelly S. Kristal, The Enforcement Toolbox Presentation
  • Thorson, The Enforcement Toolbox Overview
  • Thorson, Enforcement of Supreme Court Decrees, Report to NM Legislature
  • Thorson, Lummi Settlement Agreement (2007)
  • Thorson, Lummi Watermaster Report to the Court (2012)
  • White, Peter; Post-Decree Administration (Dividing the Waters Conference 1997)
  • Wildman, Enforcement of Decrees (PowerPoint Presentation)
  • Wilson, Buhler Decision on Administrative Civil Liability Complaint
  • Wilson, Buhler Settlement of Administrative Civil Liability Complaint
  • Wilson, Water Rights and Compliance in the Delta
  • Wilson, Desousa Cease and Desist Order
  • Wilson, Desousa Compliance Letter
  • Wilson, Notice of Violation to U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
  • Wilson, SWRCB Resolution on Delegation of Authority to Delta Watermaster
  • Wilson, Report on Improving Water Right Enforcement Authority
  • Wilson, Delta Map of Reclamation Districts and Islands
  • Wilson, Delta Map of Waterways
  • Wilson, Statute Creating Delta Watermaster
  • Wolfe, The Enforcement Toolbox (PowerPoint Presentation)

Bonus Materials

  • Hobbs, Gregory; Reviving the Public Ownership, Anti-Speculation, and Beneficial Use Moorings of Prior Appropriation Water Law, ___ Colo L.Rev. ____ (2012)

2011 | Crossing the Ag-Urban Divide

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents

Water: A Judicial Perspective: Judicial Officer, Nevada Supreme Court

  • Howell v. Ricci, 197 P.3d 1044 (Nev. 2008)
  • Bacher v. State Engineer, 146 P.3d 793 (Nev. 2006)
  • Great Basin Water Network v. Taylor, 234 P.3d 912 (Nev. 2010)

Ag-Urban Collaboration: Palo Verde Transfer Program: Joseph Vanderhorst & Ed Smith

  • Forbearance and Fallowing Program Agreement (Long-Term Program Agreement), 2004
  • Palo Verde Irrigation District/Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Power point presentation (handout slides)

The Road from Conflict to Collaboration – Small Group Discussions: Dr. Dan Luecke

  • Hypothetical case studies to be provided during session

Introduction to Water Law: Special Master Ramsey Kropf & Judge John Thorson

  • Water Law 101 Power point presentation (handout slides) – Judge John Thorson & Special Master Ramsey Kropf

Great and Growing Cities Doctrine: Justice Gregory Hobbs & Professor Dan Tarlock

  • Dan Tarlock, How Well Can Water Law Adapt To The Potential Stresses Of Global Climate Change?, 14 U. Den. Water L. Rev. 1
  • Derek L. Turner, Pagosa Area Water & Sanitation District V. Trout Unlimited And An Anti-Speculation Doctrine For A New Era Of Water Supply Planning , 82 Colo. L. Rev. 639
  • Colorado Water Rights Transfer Law – Justice Gregory Hobbs, Colorado Supreme Court
  • Great and Growing Cities Doctrine Power point presentation (handout slides) – Professor Dan Tarlock, Chicago-Kent School of Law

Land/Water Transition: Urban (California Central Valley): Chris Scheuring/Ellen Hanak/ David Aladjem

  • Ellen Hanak, Show Me the Water Plan: Urban Water Management Plans and California’s Water Supply Adequacy Laws, 4 Golden Gate U. Envtl. L.J. (2010), http://digitalcommons.law.ggu.edu/gguelj/vol4/iss1/5
  • Ellen Hanak & Margaret K. Browne, Linking Housing Growth to Water Supply, American Planning Association. Journal of the American Planning Association; Spring 2006
  • Land-Water Transitions in California’s Central Valley (pdf presentation format): Wildman, Scheuring, Hanak & Aladjem
  • Sarah Bates, Bridging the Governance Gap: Strategies to Integrate Water and Land Use Planning (second ed 2011) University of Montana Policy Report #7.
  • Water Policy and Farmland Protection: A New Approach to Saving California’s Best Agricultural LandsMarc Reisner, Davis, CA: American Farmland Trust; AFT Publication; 1997
  • Smith, MaryLou, Pritchett, James 2010. Agricultural/Urban/Environmental Water Sharing: Innovative Strategies for the Colorado River Basin and the West. Colorado Water Institute Special Report Series No. 22. Colorado State University. http://www.cwi.colostate.edu/watersharing

Regional/State Updates: Judge Eric Wildman

  • Regional Roundup Power point presentation (pdf handout slides) Judge Eric Wildman
  • Arizona
    • In re The General Adjudication Of All Rights To Use Water In The Gila River System, 223 Ariz. 362, 224 P.3d 178 (2010)
    • In re The General Adjudication Of All Rights To Use Water In The Gila River System, 217 Ariz. 276, 173 P.3d 440 (2007)
  • California
    • California Farm Bureau Federation v. State Water Resources Control Board, 51 Cal.4th 421, 247 P.3d 112, 121 Cal.Rptr.3d 37 (2011)
    • Hillside Memorial Park and Mortuary v. Golden State Water Company and Water Replenishment District Of Southern California (Certified for publication September 27, 2011 (Court of Appeal for the State of California, Second Appellate District, Division Five)
    • Karuk Tribe Of Northern California v. California Regional Water Quality Control Board, North Coast Region, 183 Cal.App.4th 330, 108 Cal.Rptr.3d 40 (2010)
    • Kern County Water Agency v. Watershed Enforcers, 185 Cal.App.4th 969, 110 Cal.Rptr.3d 876 (2010)
  • Colorado
    • Anderson v. Pursell, 244 P.3d 1188 (Colo. 2010)
    • Burlington Ditch Reservoir and Land Co. v. Metro Wastewater Reclamation District, 256 P.3d 645 (Colo. 2011)
    • Centennial Water & Sanitation District v. City and County of Broomfield, 256 P.3d 677 ( Colo. 2011)
    • Cherokee Metropolitan District v. Upper Black Squirrel Creek Designated Water Management District, 247 P.3d 567 (Colo. 2011)
    • Kobobel v. State Department of Natural Resources, 249 P.3d 1127 (Colo. 2011)
    • Southern Ute Indian Tribe v. King Consolidated Ditch Co., 250 P.3d 1126 (Colo. 2011)
    • Streu v. City of Colorado Springs, 239 P.3d 1261 (Colo. 2010)
    • Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District v. DeQuine Family, L.L.C., 249 P.3d 794 (Colo. 2011)
    • Upper Yampa Water Conservancy District v. Wolfe, 255 P.3d 1108 (Colo. 2011)
  • Idaho
    • Clear Springs Foods, Inc v. Spackman, 150 Idaho 790, 252 P.3d 71 (2011)
    • Idaho Power Company v. Idaho Department Of Water Resources, 151 Idaho 266, 255 P.3d 1152 (2011)
    • A & B Irrigation District v. The Idaho Department Of Water Resources v. Gary Spackman , Case No. 2009-000647, July 24, 2009, Memorandum Decision and Order on Petition for Judicial Review (District Judge John M. Melanson)
    • Map – Idaho Water Rights Adjudications
  • New Mexico
    • Map – New Mexico Water Adjudications

Truckee River Educational Tour

Conference Dinner: Keynote Speaker – Professor Patricia Limerick

  • Patricia Limerick, An Introduction to A Ditch in Time: Denver, the West, and Water (April 11, 2011 – draft manuscript) Center of the American West, University of Colorado
  • Patricia Limerick, Historical Lessons from the Winters’ Tale, Center of the American West, University of Colorado

Special Masters Roundtable: Special Masters Buzz Thompson, Kristin Myles & Steve Snyder

  • Reed D. Barton, Bright Idea from the Black Canyon: Federal Judicial Review of Reserved Water Right Settlements, 13 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 229

Decree Writing: Role of Special Masters: Special Master Buzz Thompson

  • Materials to be provided by presenters

Judicial Ethics for Water Law Adjudicators: Professor Paul Paton

  • John F. Irwin and Daniel L. Real, Unconscious Influences on Judicial Decision-Making: The Illusion of Objectivity, 42 McGeorge Law 1.
  • W. Bradley Wendel, The Behavioral Psychology of Judicial Corruption: A Response to Judge Irwin and Daniel Real, 42 McGeorge L.Rev.35
  • Charles Gardner Geyh, Judicial Selection, Judicial Disqualification, and the Role of Money in Judicial Campaigns, 42 McGeorge L.Rev 85
  • Link to all articles: http://lawlib.wlu.edu/CLJC/index.aspx?mainid=84&issuedate=2011-01-19&homepage=no

2010 | The Impact of Water: Adjudication Along America’s Longest River

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents

Technical and Scientific Papers and Reports

  • Adaptive Management: U.S. DOI Technical Guide, The Adaptive Management Working Group (Olivia Barton Ferriter, Chair). (AM DOI TechGuide…)
  • Conservation Action Planning for the Lower Missouri River Ecosystem, Paula Gagnon, et al. (LMOR-CAP-Summary…)
  • Endangered Species Act (ESA) Terms, Missouri River Recovery Program, U.S. COE. (ESA Terms…)
  • An Evaluation of the Influence of Natural Science in Regional-Scale Restoration Projects, F. Brie Van Cleve et al. (VanCleve2006_Environ…)
  • Flooding to Restore Connectivity of Regulated, Large River Wetlands, David L. Galat, et al. (Galat_etal,BioScience…)
  • Missouri River Association of States and Tribes. (MoRAST information…)
  • Missouri River Basin, David L. Galat et al. (Galat_etal, Missouri_River…)
  • The Missouri River Ecosystem: Exploring the Prospects for Recovery (Executive Summary), Committee on Missouri River Ecosystem Science, National Research Council. (MOR Ecosystem Summary…)
  • Missouri River Ecosystem Restoration Plan Draft Goals (Working Draft Version 1). (POSTED TO Website…)
  • Missouri River Planning: Recognizing and Incorporating Sediment Management (Summary), Committee on Missouri River Recovery and Associated Sediment Management Issues; National Research Council. (MissouriRiverPlanning…)
  • Missouri River Planning: Recognizing and Incorporating Sediment Management (Summary from NRC Report), Source: National Park Service.
  • Missouri River Recovery Program: Adaptive Management Process Framework. (DRAFT MRRP AM…)
  • Missouri River Recovery Program – Collaborative Partnerships Lead To Success, Teresa Reinig, et al. (ReinigRothMRRIC…)
  • MRRIC Brings Collaboration to Missouri River Issues, John E. Thorson. (MissouriABAThorson…)
  • Overview of River-Flood Plain Ecology in the Upper Mississippi River Basin, David L. Galat, et al. (Galat_etal_Restoring…)
  • Sediment regime constraints on river restoration – An example from the Lower Missouri River, Robert J. Jacobson, et al. (Jacobson-etal2009…)
  • Today’s Missouri River: A North Dakota Perspective, North Dakota State Water Commission. (TodaysMissouriRiver…)

Legal Publications, Papers and Reports

  • Adaptive Management in the Courts, J.B. Ruhl et al. (AM in the Courts…)
  • Attorney Conflicts of Interest in Water Adjudications, Peter W. Sly. (attorney conflicts…)
  • Dividing the Waters, HYDROLOGIC MODELING BENCHBOOK, National Judicial College, 2010
  • Carboramus Illigitamatos: Are There Limits to Zealous Advocacy in Water Disputes? Peter W. Sly. (Final Moderator summary…)
  • GIS Support Applications in the Courtroom, Pat Curley. (GIS paper1574…)
  • Idaho Digital Boundary Statutes. (Hon. Eric Wildman Presentation…)
  • Judicial Challenges To Missouri River Mainstem Regulation, John R. Seeronen. (Seeronen 2008_MU La…)
  • Missouri River Recovery Implementation Committee Charter. (MRRIC Charter…)
  • A New Corps of Discovery for Missouri River Management, Sandi Zellmer (Zelmer2004_NE…)
  • PAGOSA AREA WATER AND SANITATION DISTRICT and San Juan Water Conservancy District, v. TROUT UNLIMITED (Supreme Court of Colorado). (pagosaopinion…)
  • Priority: The Most Misunderstood Stick in the Bundle, Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. (Priority,32…)
  • Republican River Compact Enforcement (Fact Sheet). Kansas Department of Agriculture. (RRCompactFS05…)
  • Republican River Compact Litigation Settlement (Testimony before the Senate Natural Resources Committee), David L. Pope. (RRCA SettlementSumm..)
  • Riparian Rights in Oklahoma’s Dual Water Rights System, Gary D. Allison. (RiparianisminDualRts…)
  • Seventh Update to Colorado Water Law: An Historical Overview, Gregory J. Hobbs, Jr. (Seventh Update To…)
  • State of California Complex Civil Case Coordination, Susan R. McMullan. (State of California…)
  • Supplemental Implementation Guidance for Division C, Title I, Section 108 of the Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 (P.L 111-8) – Missouri River Projects, Missouri River Basin, U.S. COE. (untitled…)
  • The Uniqueness of Ethical Issues in Water Adjudications, Peter Sly. (Water Adjudication…)
  • WATER RESOURCES; 2009 Annual Report, Elizabeth Newlin Taylor, et al. (ed.). (ABA: 2009 Annual Report…)
  • When the Sparks Fly, Gail Bingham, RESOLVE (http://www.resolv.org/publications/reports/When_the_Sparks_Fly.pdf)

Power Points and Maps

  • Contemporary Issues Arising Under the Endangered Species Act in Water-Related Cases. (7533_POWERPOINT…)
  • GIS in the Courtroom. (GIS in the courtroom…)
  • Lazy B Ranch and Surrounding Area. (Lazy B…)
  • Litigating the Corps’ Missouri River Mainstem Operations. (MNNRC Presentation…)
  • Missouri River Basin Map. (Missouri Basin Map…)
  • RIPARIAN WATER RIGHTS: Vampires of Oklahoma Water Law. (RIPARIAN WATER…)

2009 | Fundaments of Water Law

Judges requesting online access to these materials should contact Rebecca Bluemer.

Table of Contents

Articles, Reports and Orders

  • Gregory J. Hobbs, A Decade of Colorado Supreme Court Water Decisions 1996-2006, Headwaters, Issue 13 (Fall 2006)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Law, in The Public’s Water Resource: Articles on Water Law, History and Culture (Colorado Bar Association – Continuing Legal Education, Inc., 2007)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Colorado: Centennial State at the Headwaters, Colorado Municipalities, Volume 83, No. 3 (August 2009)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Colorado’s 1969 Adjudication and Administration Act: Settling In, 3 University of Denver Water Law Review 1 (1999)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Colorado Water Law: An Historical Overview, 1 University of Denver Water Law Review 1 (1997)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Overview of Western Water Adjudications: A Judge’s Perspective, Journal of Contemporary Water Research & Education, Issue 133, 5 (May 2006)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, Priority: The Most Misunderstood Stick in the Bundle, in The Public’s Water Resource: Articles on Water Law, History and Culture (Colorado Bar Association – Continuing Legal Education, Inc., 2007)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, The Colorado River Compact in the 21st Century, Time for Change? (Stegner Symposium, University of Utah School of Law (March 2-3, 2007))
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, The Colorado River of Many Returns: How Conflict, Goodwill and Resolution Set the Course, in The Public’s Water Resource: Articles on Water Law, History, and Culture (Colorado Bar Association – Continuing Legal Education, Inc., 2007)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs, The Role of Climate on Water Institutions in the Western Americas, 42 Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation Journal 273 (2005)
  • Gregory J. Hobbs and Bennett W. Raley, Water Rights Protection in Water Quality Law, 60 U. Colo. L. Rev. 841, 897-900 (1989)
  • O. John Kuenhold – Concerning the Matter of Rules Governing New Withdrawals of Ground Water in Water Division No. 3 Affecting the Rate or Direction of Movement of Water in the Confined Aquifer System aka “Confined Aquifer New Use Rules for Divisions 3”, 2004 CW 24, District Court, Water Division No. 3, Colorado (June 30, 2004)
  • Daniel F. Luecke, Hydrologic Modeling Benchbook (In Three Parts: Cover, Sections I-VIII and Appendix A) (Dividing the Waters, Revised Draft – March 2009)
  • Mariam J. Masid, Hydrology and the Courts: The Role of Expert Witnesses – A Study on Potential Reforms, 11 U. Denv. Water L. Rev. 1(Fall 2007)
  • James S. Witwer and P. Andrew Jones, Statutory and Rule Changes to Water Court Practice, 38 The Colorado Lawyer 53 (June 2009)

CASES (short form citations only)

  • Kansas v. Colorado, 556 U.S. ___ (2009)
  • Kansas v. Colorado, 543 U.S. 86 (2004)
  • Kansas v. Colorado, 533 U.S. 1 (2001)
  • Kansas v. Colorado, 514 U.S. 673 (1995)
  • U.S. Supreme Court Special Master in Kansas v. Colorado (Third Special Master’s Report) (August 2000)
  • U.S. Supreme Court Special Master in Kansas v. Colorado (Appendixes to Third Special Master’s Report) (August 2000)
  • L.B. Corp. v. Schweitzer-Mauduit Intern., Inc., 121 F.Supp.2d 147 (D.Mass., 2000)
  • New Mexico v. General Elec. Co., 335 F.Supp.2d 1266, (D.N.M., 2004)
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  • State v. Southwest Colorado Water Conservation District, 671 P.2d 1294 (Colo. 1983)
  • U.S. v. City and County of Denver, By and Through Bd. of Water Com’rs, 656 P.2d 1 (Colo.1982)
  • Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel Corp. v. Beelman River Terminals, Inc., 254 F.3d 706 (8th Cir. 2001)