Invitation to Judges

Dear Colleague,

Dividing the Waters (DTW or the Program) grew from a single, critical insight. In order to fulfill their professional obligations effectively, judges presiding over water adjudications needed an ethical forum in which they could talk to and learn from each other, hear from scientists and experts in other disciplines, and explore local and national perspectives. Dividing the Waters provides that forum. We invite you to join our forum.

Beginning as a discussion forum on western water right adjudications, the Program has evolved to address the most critical water issues facing judges today — climate change, endangered species and growing cities. Its 2007 affiliation with the National Judicial College and its interaction with the Federal Judicial Center allow the Program to offer the latest expertise, methods and technologies for both state and federal judges assigned to water litigation. Dividing the Waters builds judicial understanding of the complex issues in front of our judicial members.

As water conflicts expand, our judicial network expands. By joining our network, you gain access to all the resources we have to offer — conferences, workshops, publications and updates on developing critical issues in the water world. You also gain access to the other members of the network, whose experience and expertise may help you address the challenging issues that you may encounter. Our members tell us that the professional relationships they develop with other judges makes our Program one of the most valuable to their work on water conflicts.

Join us! All you need to do is send an e-mail to Rebecca Bluemer at the National Judicial College — We hope to meet you at one of our conferences at some point soon.


Allison Eid
Colorado Supreme Court

Susan Joseph-Taylor
Nevada Division of Water Resources

Hon. Ronald Robie
California Court of Appeal

Debra J. Stephens
Washington State Supreme Court

Hon. Eric Wildman
Idaho District Court