Ethically Adjudicating CDL/CMV Cases for Traffic Judges

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If 8 fully loaded jumbo jets crashed every year, something would be done about it. In 2014, large trucks and buses were involved in fatal crashes on our nation’s highways, resulting in 3,649 fatalities, enough to total 8 fully loaded jumbo jets. Additionally, there were an estimated 472,000 nonfatal crashes which involved one large truck or bus. Traffic judges have an ethical and legal obligation to adhere to their own commercial driver’s licensing laws and commercial motor vehicle regulations based on federal regulations. However, most traffic judges are unaware of the nuances involved in CDL/CMV laws.

This webcast will answer: (1) What constitutes a “conviction” under federal regulations? (2) What does “masking” mean? (3) Why Federal law prohibits the “masking” of CDL violations? NJC’s webcast will provide you with guidance on handling these technical and troublesome cases.

Course Objectives

After this course, traffic judges will be able to:

  • Identify “masking” situations;
  • Apply federal and state laws to avoid “masking”;
  • Determine whether the offense being addressed involved a CDL holder;
  • Describe a judge’s responsibility for ensuring that conviction data is forwarded to the Department of Licensing in accordance with the federal 10-day rule; and
  • Identify what constitutes a conviction for CDL purposes under state law.

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Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont 6/26/18
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North Carolina & West Virginia 7/18/18
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