Animal Law 101 for Judges – A Webcast

Wednesday, Dec 4, 2019

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Noon PST | Online Webcast | Tuition: Free

The first webinar in the animal law 101 series provides an introduction to animal law cases and the various ways in which domestic and wild animals have impacted the law. The faculty will address legal matters where the peculiar aspects of animals define what happens, or somehow make the legal considerations different than they would otherwise be in a case where animals were not involved.

The first webinar will also preview topics that will be covered in much more detail in later webinars: animal cruelty, injuries to animals, injuries by animals, local ordinances regarding animals, service animals, pet custody cases, pet trusts, wildlife (captive and wild), use of animals in entertainment, and animals in agriculture.

At the end of this webcast, you will be able to:

    • Identify types of parties appearing in courts in animal law cases;
    • Recognize the particularities of animal law cases, including a discussion of shift of societal concern about animals and increased media attention to high profile cases involving animals; and,
    • Summarize the animal law cases that are most likely to be litigated in your courtroom.

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