The Judge’s Role in a Pandemic

The Judge’s Role in a Pandemic

Thursday, Mar 26, 2020

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Noon PDT | Online Webcast | Tuition: Free

This webcast is presented through generous funding from the State Justice Institute and in collaboration with the National Center for State Courts..

COVID-19 has underscored how utterly unprepared the U.S. is for managing a pandemic. The National Judicial College wants to help restore confidence in our public institutions by providing a 75-minute webcast on the judge’s role in managing a pandemic. Many judges suffer from the belief that a pandemic is not their problem. Rather, it’s the problem of the state’s supreme court, court administration, or some other entity. This webcast will emphasize that all judicial branch employees, including judges, have a role to play, whether it’s ruling correctly on cases involving public health emergencies, communicating with court staff and the public, taking a leadership role in preparing for an effective response by their courts, and ensuring continuity of court operations.

Patterned after last Thursday’s webcast that exceeded capacity, this week’s version will include new perspectives from the trenches. Judge Jim Rogers will be joining Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere to discuss how courts are using technology to keep the court open for business. The presenters will also “stay after class” to answer your questions.

After participating in this webcast, judges will be able to:

  1. Define their role in responding to COVID-19 and other epidemics or pandemics;
  2. Summarize how they can respond intelligently to an outbreak;
  3. Manage cases that may result from COVID-19
  4. Locate resources for ensuring they are responding in an appropriate way.

Chief Judge Charles LaVerdiere (ret.) from Maine learned the hard way about dealing with a pandemic having to rule on an Ebola case that garnered worldwide attention. He will lead you through his hard-won lessons.

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