Judicial Renaissance

Judicial Renaissance

Monday, Sep 23, 2019
toFriday, Sep 27, 2019

Event Location

Bordeaux, France

Nowadays, lifelong learning is essential to maintain skill and knowledge in one’s chosen profession. During this program, judges will engage with experts from the arts, humanities, and science in order to better understand the context of the legal system and their place within it. Judges will rediscover the foundations of justice as embodied within the scope of lasting human achievements. The focus of this program will not be the specifics of legal theory but rather how the law is enhanced by other disciplines.

This course is eligible for 34 CJE credit hours.
The program is capped at 20 judges from the United States and 20 judges from the European Union.
For more information, contact the Registrar’s Office at (775) 784-6747.

Registration fee includes: tuition fees, cultural activity (including dinner), lunches, translation pack, transfer to and from airport. Registration does not include: airfare, lodging or dinner (except for the social activity).

This program is produced in collaboration with École Nationale de la Magistrature.

Event Fees

$ 3465.00