April 28, 2017 12 p.m. PST | Online Webcast | View Recording

Federal immigration enforcement and policy is changing rapidly. Historically, an immigrant faced potential consequences of deportation upon being convicted of a crime. Now, immigrants who are criminal suspects or charged with a crime face deportation consequences as well. During this webcast, Hon. William Kelly and Teresa Hendricks, Esq. will educate state judges about the impact of recent executive orders on the courts and the increase in immigration consequence faced by criminal suspects and defendants.

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After the webcast, participants will be able to:

  • Describe features and aims of recent executive orders;
  • Discuss the undocumented population affected by the executive orders;
  • List the immigration consequences of criminal convictions of documented individuals;
  • Describe the meaning and effect of “Sanctuary Cities (courts)”;
  • Discuss the possible effect of recent executive orders on courts, farms, and business;
  • Describe where and how people may be deported; and
  • Plan on what your court will do when results of recent executive orders enter your courtroom.
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