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News about and by the faculty of The National Judicial College.

NJC’s Volunteer Faculty 2017

This word picture shows the last names of faculty who volunteered their time (1,534 hours!) to teach for the NJC in 2017. The picture shows only those who taught five or more hours in 2017 (106 individuals). The bigger the name, the more hours taught. This picture does not reflect the additional 72 individuals who taught four hours or less.

In Memoriam: Hon. Tracy Edward Page January 14, 1954 – August 15, 2018

By Judge Toni Boone

Judge T. E. Page was shot and killed outside his home in Cedar Lake, Indiana, near the Chicago metropolitan area, on Wednesday, August 15. He was shot by 83-year-old William Landske, husband of the late Indiana State Senator Sue Landske. Judge Page had been the couple’s friend and attorney

How to beat the tax man and benefit the NJC, even under the new federal tax laws

By Judge Lee Sinclair
Faculty Council Chair

You are considering a donation to The National Judicial College. Now you find out that you are no longer going to receive a charitable tax deduction because of the new federal tax plan that took effect in 2018. You want to be charitable, but you still would like some tax relief.

Do not despair. There

A tribute to Professor Tom Clancy, Fourth Amendment guru

By Judge Robert McBeth

Thomas K. Clancy is a nationally recognized expert on the Fourth Amendment and cyber crime. For the many of us who teach Fourth Amendment jurisprudence, Professor Clancy is the person we look to as the expert in this field. He frequently organizes and lectures at judicial conferences, he has written more than 20 articles on the Fourth

Double the Surprises: Judges Gee and Bernal learn of their Payant Award in unlikely places

 By Judge Kristi Harrington
Faculty Forum Co-Editor

The College honored – and surprised – two faculty members this past year with the V. Robert Payant Award for Teaching Excellence.

On October 4, 2018, Judge Jennifer Gee was recognized for her more than 24 years of teaching at the National Judicial College. NJC President Benes Z. Aldana presented her with the Payant Award in