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August 22-25, 2016 | Location Reno, NV | Tuition $1,025 | Conference Fee $255 What’s this?

Judges are often asked to lead projects that will improve the justice system. This course will help you to motivate people without financial resources, lead and manage effectively (and know the difference), become more mindful, and develop a vision that encourages others to follow with enthusiasm about the beneficial changes to the court. This workshop provides you with a setting to practice techniques with beneficial feedback from your judicial colleagues and the experienced faculty.

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This workshop will answer the following questions:

  • How do leadership and management relate?
  • Will principles that work in military and business settings really work in the justice sector?
  • How can I motivate people when they won’t receive any pay, raises, gifts, etc., for all of this extra work?
  • I keep hearing about “mindful leadership.” Is there really any benefit to “mindful leadership” or is this just some kind of passing fad?
  • When I find a better way to do things, why is it so hard to get others to change?
The workshop provides leader judges with the answers to these questions and many others in a workshop setting where they can practice some of the techniques with beneficial feedback from their judicial colleagues and the experienced faculty members.

This course qualifies for The National Judicial College Certificate in Judicial Development program Administrative Law Adjudication Skills, Appellate Judicial Skills, General Jurisdiction Trial Skills, Special Court Trial Skills and Tribal Judicial Skills disciplines.

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