RENO, Nev. – The National Judicial College will host the state of Nevada’s highest court for the third straight year as part of the Nevada Supreme Court’s “On the Road” campaign. 

The court will hold two oral arguments at the NJC on Monday, Sept. 25, at 10 a.m. in the College’s Model Courtroom. The arguments involve one criminal case out of Reno and a civil case out of Minden.

The cases will be heard by the northern panel of the Nevada Supreme Court, represented by Justices James W. Hardesty, Ron D. Parraguirre and Lidia S. Stiglich. All three justices are alumni of the NJC. Both Stiglich and Hardesty have also served as faculty.

Launched in 2015, the On the Road campaign showcases the work of the judiciary throughout many Nevada communities. The arguments are open to the public.

The attorneys of both cases are invited to address the audience prior to presenting their arguments. The justices also will field questions from the audience either in between or after the cases. Although they aren’t allowed to comment on the cases, the judges may answer questions related to the judiciary, community or justice system.

Public seating is first come, first served. To reserve your seat at the NJC hearing, please email NJC Marketing and Communication Brady Johnson. Media must receive permission through the court to record or photograph the arguments.

Briefs of both cases are available on the Nevada Supreme Court’s website. A synopsis of both cases will be posted one to two weeks prior to the hearings.

 Andrews v. State

The defendant is appealing the conviction of two felonies for the trafficking and sale of a controlled substance. The defendant was found guilty of both charges by a jury in the Second Judicial District in Reno in August 2016.

Cain v. Prince

This civil case arising from the Ninth Judicial District Court in Minden involves claims for fraud and diversion of funds in connection to a securities investment.


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