Thank you for your interest in visiting the National Tribal Judicial Center (NTJC) online resource specifically tailored to tribal court administrators and court clerks.

No matter what level of experience you have: whether you have worked as a court administrator for several years or are just getting your feet wet and starting your judicial career as a court clerk, we invite all tribal court administrators and court clerks of all experience levels to explore this online resource.

Here at the NTJC, we know that tribal court administrators and court clerks have different needs than tribal court justices and judges. Our staff members have worked in tribal courts and we recognize the pressing demands of working in the fast-paced, high stress environment that can exist in many tribal courts. From working with limited staff, putting out fires on a daily basis, preparing for a long court docket, or tackling the backlog nightmare, judicial staff usually have pressing matters to handle, and frequently very little time to address other projects.

Frequent staff turnover, never-ending federal statutory and case law influence on tribal courts, or riding the wave through the new tribal council transition, the NTJC understands that your tribal court judicial staff is working every day in a continuously changing and evolving judicial system. Time is a precious resource, and the NTJC hopes that this online resource will save you time by becoming your central home when searching for tribal court administrator and court clerk resources.

This online resource intends to:

  • Centralize continuing education opportunities specifically for tribal court administrators and court clerks.
  • Collect resources that can help develop and advance court administrative operations.
  • Promote networking with other tribal courts in your state, court-related agencies, tribal/state committees.
  • Provide a unique space for Public Law 280 tribal courts.
  • Gather information on new federal laws and case law that can affect tribal courts.
  • Offer tribal court education information.
  • Highlight innovative projects from tribal courts across the country.
  • Assist with answering court administration questions.

The NTJC is committed to advancing justice in tribal judiciaries and believes this resource can give tribal court administrators and court clerks the necessary tools to enhance tribal sovereignty by providing efficient and effective tribal judiciaries.

We look forward to your next visit with us both online and at our next course.

The National Tribal Judicial Center (NTJC) online resource for Tribal Court Administrators and Tribal Court Clerks is made possible by a grant from the BJA. If you have any questions about the NTJC, its course offerings, or custom courses, please email us at or call us at (775) 784-6747 or (800) 255-8343.