July 18-19, 2016 | Location Doubltree Hilton Denver, CO | Tuition Fully funded for chosen participates (tuition, travel, lodging, etc.)  What’s this?

This course is fully funded for chosen participates (tuition, travel, lodging, etc.). Interested judges should apply and will be notified if their registrations are accepted.

Sex offender cases provide multifaceted challenges for the judge. Judges are charged with protecting the public and ensuring convicted offenders are appropriately punished. This is difficult enough on any given day, but more so when handling sex crimes. While they represent a small percentage of a judge’s felony case load, sex cases are often high profile and subject to amplified public scrutiny. To effectively address these challenges, judges need specialized information about the sex offender population and evidence-based sentencing options.

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During this course, NJC”s expert faculty address sex offender risk-assessment tools, reviews psychosexual evaluations, offers evidence-based sentencing options, lists effective and workable probation conditions.  They also will dispel myths concerning sex offenders and provide links and tools to help judges handle these difficult cases.

After this course you should be able to:

  1. Identify sex offender risk-assessment tools;
  2. Review the elements in a psychosexual evaluations;
  3. List evidence-based sentencing options;
  4. Address effective and workable probation conditions;
  5. Discuss common myths concerning sex offenders; and
  6. Analyze the role of the judge in sex offender case adjudication.
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