The NJC Team

Executive Office

President & CEO  Hon. Benes Z. Aldana (Ret.)

Provost Joy D. Lyngar

Chief Financial Officer & Chief of Strategic Engagement Patrick M. Grimes

Chief of Staff & Assistant to President Chrystn Eads

Academic Department

Associate Provost for Academic Affairs Katheryn Yetter

Senior Program Attorney/Manager Bryan Walker

Program Attorney Brooke Sempel

Judicial Education Manager Mary Burdick

Registrar/Judicial Studies Program Coordinator Muriel M. Bartlett

Course Administrator Lynn Portillo

Course Administrator Patrick Winans

NHTSA Judge-in-Residence Earl Pendrod


Special Projects, Custom Courses and International Programs

Director William J. Brunson

Distinguished Fellow TBD

Judicial Fellow Gayle Williams-Byers

Postdoctoral Fellow Brian Lee

Research Assistant Katie Snider



Online Learning & Faculty Development

Director Joseph Sawyer

Program Manager Elizabeth Morgan-Beesley


National Tribal Judicial Center

Director Hon. Jan W. Morris (Ret.)

Program Manager Charisse Abbie


Communications & Marketing

Director Ed Cohen

Technology & Campaigns Manager Sheena Britschgi

Interns TBD


Finance Department

Director of Finance Nina M. Tirona

Staff Accountant Sue DeFuentes

Accounting Specialist Annalie Harvey

Research Assistant Evan Murphy


Human Resources &
Facilities Department

Director Sandra DeGaine

UNR IT Systems Administrator Tony Scronce

UNR Facilities 


Advancement Department

Director of Advancement Susan Robinson

Special Projects Assistant Vivienne French

Donor Relations Manager Tracy Upp