The NJC Team

Executive Office

President & CEO  Hon. Benes Z. Aldana (Ret.)

Provost Joy D. Lyngar

Chief Financial Officer & Chief of Strategic Engagement Patrick M. Grimes

Chief of Staff Chrystn Eads

Academic Department

Academic Director  Mishkat Al Moumin, Ph.D.

Senior Judicial Education Manager Bryan Walker

Program Attorney Glen Stewart

Judicial Education Manager Mary Burdick

Registrar/Judicial Studies Program Coordinator Beth Loureiro

Course Administrator John Giammona Wilber

Course Administrator Tawnya Lively

NHTSA Judge-in-Residence Earl Penrod


Special Projects, Custom Courses and International Programs

Director William J. Brunson

Program Manager Erin O’Brien

Senior Research Fellow Dr. Antony Leberatto

Distinguished Fellow Keith Fisher

Judicial Fellow Gayle Williams-Byers

Research Fellow & Judicial Identification Specialist Dimitrios Kyriakou

Research Assistant Katie Snider

Research Fellow Dr. Christine McDermott



Online Learning & Faculty Development

Director Joseph Sawyer

Program Manager Elizabeth Morgan-Beesley


National Tribal Judicial Center

Director Hon. Jan W. Morris (Ret.)

Program Attorney Adrea Korthase

Program Manager Charisse Abbie


Communications & Marketing

Director Ed Cohen

Technology & Campaigns Manager Sheena Britschgi



Finance Department

Director of Finance Nina M. Tirona

Senior Accountant Jared M. Andrus

Staff Accountant Sue DeFuentes

Junior Accountant Annalie Harvey

Operations Manager Tami White


Advancement Department

Director of Advancement Susan Robinson

Director of Strategic Initiatives Konstantina Vagenas

Advancement Administrator Advancement Administrator