Fundamentals of “Masking” and Suspensions for CDL Holders in Traffic and Criminal Courts


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Ethics for the Administrative Law Judge: Web-Based


Why should I take this course? This faculty-led online course will use hypothetical scenarios, interactive learning activities and online discussion to explore the ethical issues that face the administrative law judge. After this course, you will be able to rule with confidence, knowing their decisions are ethically appropriate; apply the Model Code of Judicial Conduct for […]

Handling Small Claims Cases Effectively: Web-Based


Why should I take this course?Many individuals form their perceptions of the justice system through interactions with courts that handle issues such as those found in small claims cases. After this faculty-led online course, you will be able to positively impact the public’s view of court processes. Why should I take this course?Many individuals form […]

Fundamentals of Evidence: Web-Based


Why should I take this course?The NJC designed this course for judges who need an introduction or a refresher in the Federal Rules of Evidence and their practical application in court. During the course, the faculty will cover the Federal Rules of Evidence, focusing on those areas which most often impact trial judges, while also […]

Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges: Web-Based


Why should I take this course?The evidence issues that an Administrative Law Judge confronts can be complex and challenging. This web course offers a convenient way to explore ways to make evidentiary rulings quickly and confidently without having to leave your docket. Who should attend?Full-time or part-time administrative law judges from urban or rural courts, […]

NJC 60th Anniversary Event – New York – Being Heard and Ensuring Fairness

New York, NY

Join the NJC at the New York Athletic Club on September 28 for a celebration of the College’s 60th anniversary.

The theme for the night will be JUSTICE FOR ALL … Being Heard and Ensuring Fairness. The program will feature a discussion among special guests who will be honored for Making the World a More Just Place.

in conjunction with our course:
Advanced Bench Skills: Procedural Fairness
September 27 – 29, 2023


Taking the Bench: An Interactive, Online Course for New Judges


Who should attend? Judges who have been recently elected or appointed. Who are the members of the faculty? Faculty are highly experienced judges and experts who bring a wealth of personal experience to their teaching. Faculty includes Judge Augustus Chen, Judge Kristi Harrington (Ret.), Professor Benjamin Holden, Judge David Kimberley (Ret.), and Judge Thomas Zonay. […]

Mindfulness for Judges

Lake Tahoe, NV

Over the course of the four days, we will explore the most current research on mindfulness, including the neuroscience underlying mindfulness and the effects of mindfulness on work-related skills and behaviors. Specifically, participants will learn how mindfulness can help cope with trauma, and enhance leadership and communication. Mindfulness also … Research on mindfulness in the […]

General Jurisdiction (JS 610)

Reno, NV

Why should I take this course?Designed for the newer judge, the course introduces you to a variety of subjects and skills you will need and use in your judicial career. Both academic and experiential teaching techniques are used to provide you with the solid, basic understanding of various topics, from ruling on evidence to handling […]