Evidence Challenges for Administrative Law Judges: Web-Based


Why should I take this course? The evidence issues that an Administrative Law Judge confronts can be complex and challenging. This web course offers a convenient way to explore ways to make evidentiary rulings quickly and confidently without having to leave your docket. Who should attend? Full-time or part-time administrative law judges from urban or […]

Fundamentals of Evidence: Web-Based


Why should I take this course?The NJC designed this course for judges who need an introduction or a refresher in the Federal Rules of Evidence and their practical application in court. During the course, the faculty will cover the Federal Rules of Evidence, focusing on those areas which most often impact trial judges, while also […]

Logic & Opinion Writing (JS 621)

Las Vegas, NV

Why should I take this course? Who should attend? This course invites judges to more carefully and thoroughly examine the underlying principles of logical reasoning as applied to their decision-making and opinion-writing. Judicial writing is often as important as the determinations. Opinions should serve as a reasoned statement that justifies the outcome judges have reached. […]

Advanced Judicial Writing (JS 626)

Reno, NV

Pre-Course writing assignment for Advanced Judicial Writing: Judges enrolled in the course will study style and argumentation each morning, then work intensively on individual writing projects each afternoon. One of the pre-course assignments is to submit two judicial decisions to be analyzed during the morning sessions. Please limit these two judicial decisions to be 10 […]

General Jurisdiction (JS 610)

Reno, NV

Why should I take this course?Designed for the newer judge, the course introduces you to a variety of subjects and skills you will need and use in your judicial career. Both academic and experiential teaching techniques are used to provide you with the solid, basic understanding of various topics, from ruling on evidence to handling […]