CLE/CJE Information

2021 CLE Accreditation: This page will be updated as we file for CLE approval, and when CLE approval is received. Please check back for updates.  

This year, AJEI will apply for accreditation in the following states: CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MN, MO, NC, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA.

The following states do not require CLE: DC, MD, MA, MI and SD AND the following states have reciprocity with the states where CLE accreditation will be sought: AL, AZ, AK, CT, HI, ME, MT, NJ, NY, WI. Accordingly, this new approach will account for the vast majority of paid registrants from recent Summits.  If there are a significant number of registrations from any of the states not listed above where accreditation is required and reciprocity is not available, we anticipate submitting an application to those state(s).

AJEI will be applying for CLE accreditation only and will not be filing credits for those who attend.  AJEI will provide a CLE sign-in sheet at the Summit registration table. Within a few weeks after the Summit, an email will be sent to those who signed it providing a Uniform Application for Accreditation, with supporting materials, (for those states where accreditation was not sought) and a Certificate of Attendance for everyone.  ALL attendees will be responsible for filing their CLE certification and any other required documents directly with the applicable state bar or accreditation entity.