Racial Justice 101 – The View from the Trenches – SJI Ethics Webinar Series

This webinar is presented free of charge.



Days & Times

9 a.m. Hawaii / 11 a.m. Alaska / Noon Pacific / 1 p.m. Mountain / 2 p.m. Central / 3 p.m. Eastern
Duration: 90 minutes

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Course Fees

This webinar is presented free of charge.



April 19, 2022


This webinar is presented free of charge. $0

What will I learn?

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Conduct thorough ability-to-pay hearings for all court-ordered financial obligations
  • Design alternative remedies for litigants unable to pay fines or fees
  • Distinguish discrimination from harassment and recognize ethical challenges relating to anti-discrimination and anti-harassment imperatives
  • Identify which types of marches and demonstrations create ethical issues for judges and court staff wishing to participate

Participation is open to judges and members of judicial disciplinary bodies.

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