Transitioning from the Bench



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June 5, 2023 to June 8, 2023

This course has been postponed until 2024.

Do you know what you want to do when you retire? Have you made a plan? Will you be going back to work as an attorney? Will you be a consultant? A mediator? An arbiter? Will you volunteer your time? In other words, how will you spend this important time in your life? This course helps you investigate and develop answers to these questions and more. Almost one-quarter of the workforce is over age 55 and may be considering retirement. This online course is designed as a convenient way to help you, a judge, investigate the possibilities and develop a plan for meaningful post-judicial activities. The faculty members will work with the class participants in addressing topics such as developing and implementing a plan for dealing with retirement; finding ways to continue serving your community; ethical considerations for post-career communication, working as an attorney, working as a consultant, and continued use of the title “judge”; and ways to embrace this momentous change in life with proper planning and anticipation.


Course $1360

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What will I learn?

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Create and implement a plan for retirement;
  • Recognize areas of ethical concern when working as an attorney or as a consultant;
  • Identify areas of ethical concern for continued use of the title “Judge”;
  • Acknowledge ethical concerns when communicating with former co-workers;
  • Create and implement plans to share your expertise;
  • Develop tools to manage this significant transition with proper planning and anticipation.

CLEs should be approximately 16 General and 3 Ethics

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