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Drugged Driving

DWI Court Enhancement: A Self-Study Web Course

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Issues addressed include the evaluation and sustainability of the Court’s community partnerships. This online course offers not only basic information, but a wealth of resources. The course is sponsored by the National Drug Court Institute and The National Judicial College with funding through the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration.

You will have 60 days to complete the online study modules, which take approximately 16 hours to complete. A Certificate of Completion issued by NJC/NDCI is available when you successfully complete a final online assessment.

For more information about his course, contact David Wallace at the National Center for DWI Courts at (703) 575-9400, ext. 32 or dwallace@nadcp.org, or Bryan D. Walker at The National Judicial College at (800) 255-8274 or bryanwalker@judges.org.