Decision Making (JS 618)

Seattle, WA

Why should I take this course? Each and every day, judges are called upon to make decisions that affect the lives of the persons coming before them. This course familiarizes you with many of the factors that affect the judicial decision making process and assists you in analyzing your own thinking and style. During the […]

Judicial Renaissance IV – Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

This course may be eligible CJE credit hours. Due to the international scope of this course, and collaboration with other international schools of judicial training, NJC cannot predict the number of CLE/CJE credits that will be approved by your state. Registration fee includes: tuition fees, cultural activity (including a dinner), lunches. Registration does not include: […]

Civil Mediation

Reno, NV

Why should I take this course? The techniques developed in this course will positively impact the judge’s communication and dispute resolution skills on and off the bench. This is a thorough and interactive, hands-on course that combines theory with practice. Participants act as mediators in simulated sessions and receive feedback on their performance. For those […]

Artificial Intelligence (AI) for all Judges and Lawyers: A Comprehensive Course


LOCATION:Kline Center for Judicial Education at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ABOUT PITTSBURGHPittsburgh is centrally located and has an international airport served by major U.S. and international airlines. Located at the junction of three rivers, Pittsburgh has long since shed its erstwhile image as a steel town and has been reborn as a vibrant and […]