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NJC Awards First Certificate in Appellate Skills

The National Judicial College is pleased to announce that it has awarded its first Certificate in Judicial Development, Appellate Skills to Hon. Gilbert M. Román of the Colorado Court of Appeals. Although NJC has had a certificate program for a number of years, the appellate skills certificate is brand-new and was developed with the assistance of Judge Román.  “I am pleased to have had a small role in the development of the program, because I believe strongly in the NJC’s mission and further believe that an appellate certificate from a highly regarded program like the National Judicial College is needed and overdue. I suspect that the judges who qualify and are interested in the certificate will run the gamut from state and federal appellate judges to tribal, territorial, and administrative appellate judges.”

Hon.  Gilbert M. Román

The Professional Certificate in Judicial Development is an innovative program designed for judges who want to concentrate their studies in a focused academic area. The certification is a hallmark of study that complements existing degrees. Judges who earn Certificates in Judicial Development achieve a higher level of judicial expertise, skill and knowledge.

Judge Román was appointed to the Colorado Court of appeals bench in 2005. Prior to that, he was a partner with Rothgerber Johnson & Lyons, LLP, where he focused his practice on complex civil litigation with an emphasis on employment law, commercial litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. When last here attending a course at NJC, Judge Román stated, “I am truly humbled and honored to be the first recipient of the appellate certificate.” Judge Román will be presented with the Certificate in Judicial Development, Appellate Skills and the General Jurisdiction Trial Skills certificate this fall when he returns to NJC to take its Advanced Judicial Writing course in November.

The National Judicial College also offers certification in the following specialized areas:

  • Administrative Law Adjudication Skills
  • Dispute Resolution Skills
  • General Jurisdiction Trial Skills
  • Special Court Trial Skills
  • Tribal Judicial Skills

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