NJC becomes a U.N. of the law for a day

Fifteen judges and legal professionals from five continents visited the NJC one day last month as part of a program to promote international relations.

The dignitaries were guests of the International Visitor Leadership Program, a nonprofit organization that invites foreign leaders to the United States for three weeks to meet with American counterparts. They came from Argentina, the Bahamas, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Morocco, Palestinian Territories, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Gerald Ramdeen, a senator from Trinidad and Tobago who was also chief legal adviser to the island nation’s former president, said he thought his country should establish an institution like the NJC.

In addition to their visit to Reno, the group met with organizations in San Francisco, Boston, Miami and Washington, D.C.

International Visitor Leadership Program participants
Center: NJC President Benes Aldana

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