President tells new bar members why it’s a great time to be a lawyer

NJC President Benes Z. Aldana had the honor of delivering the keynote address at the Nevada State Bar Induction Ceremony in May and told the state’s next generation of lawyers, “It is a great time to be a lawyer because society needs good lawyers like never before.”

NJC President Benes Z. Aldana

He recalled the roles lawyers have played in landmark cases such as Brown v. Board of Education, which ended racial segregation in public schools, and Korematsu v. United States, the unsuccessful challenge to the internment of Japanese Americans near the start of World War II.

“My point is that at almost all pivotal moments in modern history, you will find lawyers and judges at the center of the action,” he said.

“That is certainly the case today,” he added. “We see a team of lawyers investigating the president. And a constantly changing team of lawyers trying to defend him. There are lawyers leading lawsuits opposing his executive orders. And lawyers for the Justice Department defending them. Lawyers wearing robes are deciding whether those orders are constitutional. And the House and Senate are full of ex-lawyers whose chief occupation seems to be calling each other names.”

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