Six tips for business success as a mediator

By Nancy Neal Yeend

  1. Specialize
    Only take certain cases. Like the surgeon who claims the ability to perform any operation, the person who says “I can mediate anything” will not be believed.
  2. Study
    If you want to become a mediator, at least one 40-hour mediation course is a must.
  3. Speak publicly
    Give talks or short seminars at professional and civic organizations. when people go to a talk on mediation and learn something from the presenter (you), they are likely to consider you an expert and think of you when they need an expert mediator. Or they  will recommend you as such.
  4. Create a website
    Unless you’re already an expert at this, hire a professional. Be sure to include a description of services offered, a sample confidentiality agreement or other forms, a page with your biography, a photo and a variety of channels they can use to contact you.
  5. Don’t leave home without takeaways
    When you give a talk, have a stand at the back of the room with information about you. People are likely to notice it on the way out and take the materials with them.
  6. Give away value, not just paper
    There’s an old saying, “”Everyone is listening to the same radio station: WII-FM.” WII-FM stands for What’s In It For Me. Provide your potential customers useful information, such as a checklist of questions to use when interviewing a mediator, or advice on how to prepare for a mediation. Put your name and logo on all materials. You will not only be educating people, you’ll be planting a seed that will advertise your business in someone’s home or office for years to come.

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