The National Judicial College Announces 2016 Courses


The 2016 course schedule, featuring programs to enhance the skills of judges from all jurisdictions nationwide, is available now on the National Judicial College’s website.

New for 2016 are more courses offered around the United States and more web courses. Three classroom courses that have not been offered in the recent past and have been updated significantly to address emerging issues are Advanced Civil Mediation, Advanced Judicial Writing and Logic and Opinion Writing for Administrative Law Judges. Two more courses that debuted in 2014 are back by popular demand: Advanced Skills for Appellate Judges and Child Custody Challenges: Evidence and Orders.

“The NJC is bringing back courses because of feedback from our participants,” said NJC President Chad Schmucker. “As the nation’s leading judicial education institution, we have an extensive offering of courses and programs. For over 50 years, we have been offering The NJC Experience, creating a lasting positive impact on the personal and professional lives of judges all over the country and the world.”

Advanced Civil Mediation will offer strategies to overcome resistance to the mediation process, deal with difficult personalities, utilize advanced negotiation tactics and communication techniques, prevent and break impasse, and recognize ethical challenges regarding the unauthorized practice of law and dual representation.

Child Custody Challenges: Evidence and Orders will offer tools to make and enforce age-appropriate, safe, parenting plans tailored to meet the specific interests of the child and the needs of the family.

The courses described go beyond just addressing knowledge, skills and abilities.

The NJC Experience also motivates judges to examine their role in the judiciary, and creates a collegial environment where you can discuss challenges with other judges and find solutions,” said NJC Chief Academic Officer Joy Lyngar. “Our expert faculty, the unifying core of The NJC Experience, comprises judges and court professionals who share their expertise and passion with participants and also facilitate a community of lasting friendships and camaraderie.”

» View the 2016 course schedule here

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