Was your favorite faculty member honored?

As you probably know, most NJC faculty are volunteers. In fact, judges compete for the honor of teaching their fellow judges.

The following faculty received plaques for years of service during the most recent classes held in Reno:

  • Prof. Gordon Zimmerman 45 years
  • Hon. Karen Hunt 30 years
  • Prof. Ronald Hofer 25 years
  • Hon. Ramona Tsosie 20 years
  • Hon. Thomas Tom Clancy 15 years
  • Hon. Stephen Goss 15 years
  • Hon. Jan Morris 15 years
  • Hon. V. Lee Sinclair (Ret.) 15 years
  • Hon. Jane Fishman 10 years
  • Stephen Gizzi, Esq. 10 years
  • Hon. Gary Graber 10 years
  • Hon. Jason Ashford 5 years
  • Hon. Judith Olean 5 years
  • Hon. Philip Straniere 5 years
  • Don Tomlinson, Esq. 5 years

The National Judicial College is always looking for excellent faculty members. If you have teaching experience and are knowledgeable in a subject matter, please fill out this form.

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