Welcome to the Bench, Week of February 28th 2019

Congratulations to the following 81 judges who have been either newly elected or appointed to the bench.

Joseph Kiefer, Superior Court, Arizona
Melissa Iyer Julian, Superior Court, Arizona
Tracey Westerhausen, Superior Court, Arizona
Kim Ayotte, District Associate Court, Iowa
Celene Gogerty, District Court, Iowa
Brendan Greiner, District Associate Court, Iowa
Joseph Seidlin, District Court, Iowa
John Lindsey Adams, District Judge, Kentucky
Brandy Oliver Brown, Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Linda Dixon Bullock, District Judge, Kentucky
D. Brett Butcher, District Judge, Kentucky
Steven R. Crebessa, District Judge, Kentucky
Jennifer R. Dusing, Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Cody Goehring, District Judge, Kentucky
Pamela R. Goodwine, Court of Appeals Judge, Kentucky
Mike Hall Jr., District Judge, Kentucky
Sarah R. Hays, District Judge, Kentucky
Tanisha A. Hickerson, District Judge, Kentucky
Julie Kaelin, District Judge, Kentucky
Lisa L. Langford, District Judge, Kentucky
Cole Adams Maier, District Judge, Kentucky
Tommy R. May, District Judge, Kentucky
Monica K. Meredith, Family Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Leslie M. Newman, District Judge, Kentucky
Annie O’Connell, Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Mica Wood Pence, Family Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Kim Razor, District Judge, Kentucky
Gary Salyers, District Judge, Kentucky
John Lindsay Tackett, District Judge, Kentucky
Lindsay Hughes Thurston, District Judge, Kentucky
Lucy A. VanMeter, Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Jane Adams Venters, Family Circuit Judge, Kentucky
Natalie White, District Judge, Kentucky
Robert F. Wright, District Judge, Kentucky
Dale Atkins, 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana
Will Barham, 5th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Laurie Brister, 6th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Amanda Calogero, Jefferson Parish Juvenile, Louisiana
John Clay Hamilton, 5th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Bruce Hampton, 3rd Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Lowell “Chris” Hazel, 9th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Ellen Hazeur, Orleans Civil District Court, Louisiana
Chris Hester, Baton Rouge City Court, Louisiana
Marcus Hunter, 4th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Walt Lanier, 1st Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana
Erin Lanoux, Ascension Parish Court, Louisiana
Tonya Lurry, 18th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Omar Mason, Orleans Civil District Court, Louisiana
John Molaison, 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana
Jonathan Perry, 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal, Louisiana
Jeffrey Robinson, 3rd Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Darren Roy, 34th Judicial District Court, Louisiana
Stephanie Morrell, Circuit Court Judge, Missouri
Tracy Gonzalez, Circuit Court Judge, Missouri
Daniel J. Borgen, District Judge, North Dakota
Douglas Alan Bahr, District Judge, North Dakota
Tristan J. Van de Streek, District Judge, North Dakota
Carla J. Baldwin, Municipal Court, Ohio
Angela Graves-Harrington, Family District Court, Texas
Lucia G. Bates, Justice of the Peace Court, Texas
Shannon Baldwin, Criminal Court, Texas
Ronnisha Bowman, Criminal Court, Texas
Sharon Burney, Justice of the Peace Court, Texas
Dedra Davis, District Court, Texas
Linda M. Dunson, District Court, Texas
Toria J. Finch, Criminal Court, Texas
Ramona Frankin, District Court, Texas
Lori Chambers Gray, Criminal District Court, Texas
Lina Hidalgo, County Judge, Texas
Erica Hughes, Criminal Court, Texas
Maria Jackson, Court of Criminal Appeals, Texas
Tonya Jones, Criminal Court, Texas
Michelle Moore, District Court, Texas
Latosha Lewis Payne, Civil Judicial District Court, Texas
Sandra Peake, Family Court, Texas
Germaine Tanner, Family Court, Texas
LaShawn A. Williams, Civil Court, Texas
Virginia Amato, District Court, Washington
Joseph Campagna, District Court, Washington
Rhonda Lauman, District Court, Washington
Marcus Naylor, District Court, Washington

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