Welcome to the Bench, Week of January 31st 2019

Congratulations to the following judges and commissioners who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, appointed or hired for a new position.

Spiro Cheriogotis, District Court, Alabama
Amy G Mead, Superior Court, Alaska
Adele Ponce, Superior Court, Arizona
Charles F. Adams, Superior Court, California
Samuel A. Evig, County Court, Colorado
Craig A. Karsnitz, Superior Court, Delaware
Repunzelle Bullock, Commission on Selection and Tenure, District of Columbia
Tannisha D. Bell, Commission on Selection and Tenure, District of Columbia
Ramiro C. Areces, County Court, Florida
Rebecca Crumrine Rieder, Superior Court, Georgia
Mahilani Hiatt, District Court, Hawaii
John Judge, District Court, Idaho
Charnette Garner, Superior Court, Indiana
Dale Atkins, Circuit Court, Louisiana
Walter I. Lanier III, Circuit Court, Louisiana
Francis E. Flannery, Superior Court, Massachusetts
Flora Gallegos, District Court, New Mexico
Carolyn H. Nichols, Superior Court, Pennsylvania
Estela Chavez Vasquez, County Court, Texas
David J. (“DJ”) Williams, District Court, Utah

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