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Welcome to the Bench, June 2020

Congratulations to the following judges who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, appointed or hired for a new position.

Traci Belmore, Office of Administrative Hearings, California
Barbara O’Hearn, Office of Administrative Hearings, California
Linda Pollack, Office of Administrative Hearings, California
Jill Dorancy, District Court, Denver, Denver County, Colorado
Peter K. Kubota, Circuit Court, Hawaii
Lori Dougherty-Bischel, District Court, Shawnee County, Kansas
Kahlea M. Porter, Office of Administrative Hearings, Kansas
David Allen Barber, Circuit Court, Kentucky
Jerry Jones Cox, Circuit Court, Kentucky
Ellie Kerstetter, Circuit Family Court, Kentucky
J. Christopher McNeill, Court of Appeals, Kentucky
Melissa Moore Murphy, District Court, Kentucky
Christopher Bryan Oglesby, Circuit Court, Kentucky
Stephanie Judy Perlow, Circuit Family Court, Kentucky
Kaelin Goheen Reed, Circuit Court, Kentucky
Darnella D. Williams, Circuit Court, Wayne County, Michigan
Martin Fallon, District Court, Carver, Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, McLeod, Scott, and Sibley counties, Minnesota
Jack Duran Jr., Locklock Paiute Tribe, Nevada
Rebecca A. Slezak, Supreme Court, New York
Joshua Deahl, Court of Appeals, Washington, D.C.
Andrea Hertzfeld, Superior Court, Washington, D.C.
Deborah Israel, Superior Court, Washington, D.C.
Judith Pipe, Superior Court, Washington, D.C.
Ebony M. Scott, Superior Court, Washington, D.C.
Raquel Trabal, Superior Court, Washington, D.C.
Jeanne Cotton, Municipal Court, Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington
Raquel Montoya-Lewis, Supreme Court, Washington
Helen Whitener, Supreme Court, Washington

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