What’s this ‘Learn Now’ button?

Judicial Edge has a new feature – the Learn Now button. Click the button in each issue to access one of the more than 100 educational pieces and resources available through NJC On-Demand.

NJC On-Demand is the online portal to all of the College’s digital content. More than 100 items are currently available, including webcasts, Judge Talks (modeled after TED Talks), self-study courses, and tuition-based web courses. Find links to an assortment of them below.

This month’s Learn Now feature is a short Judge Talk, “The Contempt Big 10,” by Hon. Phyllis Williams Kotey (Ret.). The former Florida senior judge presents 10 items to define direct and indirect contempt plus information on when and how to use contempt in your courtroom.

You don’t need Judicial Edge to access NJC On-Demand. The NJC website, judges.org, now includes an instant link to the content below the main image.

Reminder: To log in and view content, you have to use your judges.org login information (the same login you use when registering for courses). If you don’t have a login or have forgotten it, you’ll find links to obtain or restore access. Content is restricted to judges and other judicial personnel.

What can you find on NJC On-Demand?


All of the College’s online webcasts will be recorded and stored on the platform. These range from 30 minutes to three hours. The College currently has 60 webcasts available. Here are links to 10:

Judge Talks

Judge Talks are modeled after the short, powerful TED Talks. They feature judges and subject-matter experts presenting on a variety of topics. There are currently four Judge Talks available. The College expects to add at least 20 more within a year.

Self-Study Courses

Self-study courses feature multiple modules and presentations followed by training materials and quizzes. You can advance at your own pace. Self-study courses can typically be completed within a week or month. There are a dozen free ones available, including these:

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