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My testimony at Incivility Anonymous

By Hon. David J. Dreyer

My name is Dave and I’m an incivility-holic.

Hi, Dave!

I don’t know where to begin.

I didn’t want to become uncivil, it just kind of happened, I guess. I grew up in an uncivil family. My parents would stay up late at night, both of them as uncivil as a skunk. We kids learned to fend for ourselves. As is often the case of children of uncivil parents,

August 27th, 2019|

Here are the courses judges most wish the NJC would offer

By Anna-Leigh Firth

Many judges wish they knew more about mental health.

That was one of takeaways from our monthly one-question survey, which earlier this month asked NJC alumni to choose among 13 potential new courses. The one that received the most votes, 328, was When Mental Health Is an Issue in a Case.

“There is no judge for whom mental health problems have not been an issue,” commented one judge, anonymously, as

August 26th, 2019|
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