Principles of Civility

Promoting Public Trust and Confidence

Recommendations from The National Judicial College’s 2013 Symposium on Civility

The National Judicial College is pleased to provide the Principles of Civility document, an outcome of the Civility in the American Justice System: Promoting Public Trust and Confidence symposium that was held as part of the College’s 50th Anniversary commemoration in 2013.

The NJC brought together a group of judges, attorneys, system advocates, and scholars to refine the notion of civility and to define concrete ways in which judges might incorporate civility to their daily work. Based on the wise counsel and invaluable input of symposium participants, NJC developed four Principles of Civility that are outlined in this document.

In addition, a benchcard with quick tips for judges related to implementing the four principles in their daily lives is also available here.