Case in Point Magazine

Now What?

  • The Car That Could Kick Your Court to the Curb
  • A Better Ear for Evidence
  • You’ll Get Out When the Software Says You Should
  • Bang
  • Pot Holes
  • 50 Things Judges Wish They Had Known Before They Took the Bench
  • A Far Less Perfect Union

The Brain Issue

  • What Can You See? Promise and Limits of Neuroimaging and Evidence
  • Understanding the Impairments of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Victims
  • The Aging Brain and Capacity: Misconceptions and Advances
  • The Mindful Judge
  • Procedural Fairness: A treat for the Brain
  • The Brain Index


The Future of Justice


  • The NJC Experience
  • 50th Anniversary Symposia: A Review
  • Check Your Rearview Mirror: Safe Commuting
  • Judge Thomas E. Cheffins Climbs Kilimanjaro
  • A Model Courtroom Once More
  • Tennessee’s Access to Justice Initiative


  • The NJC Celebrates 50 Years
  • The NJC in Forefront of National Anti-Human Trafficking Initiative
  • William F. Dressel Scholarship Endowment
  • Sentencing Sex Offenders — Assistance for Judges
  • Circle Sentencing in Alaska


  • Climb On! Fitness On (and Off) the Bench
  • Mediation Confidentiality: Can There Be Too Much?
  • Mary Fran Edwards Works on Rule-of-Law Projects Around the World
  • Elder Law
  • 2013: The NJC’s 50th Anniversary


  • Civics and the Courtroom
  • Judge Evans and the RobeWarriors
  • Effective Communication with Self-Represented Litigants
  • Judicial Security
  • 10 Ways to Improve Mediation Settlement Rates


  • Go Team! NJC Judicial Partners Team Up
  • Getting Too Social? Tweeting & Texting in the Courtroom
  • An Exchange of Ideas with the Leadership of the Thai Judiciary
  • Brazilian Law and Order
  • The Strength of Judge Not Afraid


  • Judicial Education on a Shoestring
  • A Brighter Future for Kosovo Justice
  • Protecting You From the “Madness in the Shadows”
  • Evidence and Ethics in Self-Represented Litigation
  • NJC’s Mediation Course Helps New Mexico Office of the State Engineer


  • Keeping the Balance: Judicial Stress and Wellness
  • Water Judges Make Link to the NJC
  • Exploring the Impact of Neuroscience on Justice
  • Judge Richard Jones Says the NJC Prepared Him for Major Courtroom Roles
  • Trapped in the System: Florida’s Response to the Criminalization of Mental Illness

Fall/Winter 2007

  • Pillars of Justice Fund
  • Creating a Learning Environment
  • Felix Stumpf: 34 Years of Service to the NJC
  • Imagine This: Why Judges Need Your Help
  • Creating a Learning Environment: Gifts from the Cord and Hawkins Foundations

Spring/Summer 2007

  • Are You Out There? Blogging on the Bench
  • A Technology-Gifted Court
  • Dwelling on the Past: Using the Wisdom of Shakespeare to Find a More Just Future
  • A Look at the New Model Code of Judicial Conduct
  • The NJC to Play Key Role in Decreasing Prison Rape

Summer/Fall 2006

  • Judicial Violence: Tipping the Scales
  • Threats to Judges – and Their Independence – Mount
  • Maryland’s Ground-Breaking Technology Court
  • Reinforcing Aggression: The True Cause of Dog Maulings
  • The Complex Litigation Puzzle

Winter/Spring 2006

  • Villains of the Courtroom: Combating Productivity Villains One Course at a Time
  • Capital Litigation Improvement Initiative
  • Isolated No More: Enhancing the Skills of Rural Judges
  • Saved by Gumbo & Brotherly Love
  • The Obligatory 9: Evaluating Court-Connected Dispute Resolution Programs
  • Telephonic Court Appearances

Summer/Fall 2005

  • Why Corporate Giving Benefits Everyone
  • Personal Safety and Public Justice: Judges are Threatened by More Than Guns
  • Top Do’s and Don’ts for Trial Attorneys from Judges Who’ve Seen It All
  • Evaluating Court-Connected Dispute Resolution Programs
  • Haunted by 9/11, a Judge Fights Terrorism in a Cyber Disguise

Winter/Spring 2005

  • To Split or Not to Split? A Closer Look at the Ninth Circuit
  • An American Hero in Vietnam
  • Fairy Tale Moot Court Program
  • ¡Hola! from Madrid: Spanish-American Comparative Law Program
  • Nevada Lecture Series: Bridging the Freedom Gap