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Reno, NV

Designing and Presenting: A Faculty Development Workshop

Santa Fe, NM

Drugs in America Today: What Every Judge Needs to Know


Judicial Writing (JS 615) – Online

Duck Key FL

Advanced Evidence (JS 617)

Reno, NV

Ethics, Fairness, and Security in Your Courtroom and Community

New Orleans, LA

Handling Capital Cases (JS 623)

Drum circle
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Judicial Heroes & Legends: July 2021 – Chief Justice Peggy Quince

Peggy A. Quince was the first – and remains the only – black woman ever to serve on the Florida Sup...

Diverse society and international tolerance celebration of multicultural and african american asian and caucasian culture integration and pride as a multi cultural group.
Most judges believe this tactic can help eliminate implicit bias in court

Our July Question of the Month* asked judges whether they believe judicial education can help rid the court...
Welcome to the Bench - July 2021

Congratulations to the following 66 judges who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, a...

2021 Remaining Courses

In need of CJE/CLE before year's end? The NJC has you covered with a variety of courses offered in person a...

Welcome to the Bench - June 2021

Congratulations to the following 61 judges who are either new to the bench or have recently been elected, a...

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