A statement from President Aldana on recent anti-Asian violence

By Hon. Benes Z. Aldana (Ret.)

The National Judicial College is dedicated to making the world a more just place by educating and inspiring its judiciary. The increasing hate crimes we’re seeing against Asians and Asian Americans are an assault on justice. As an Asian Pacific (Filipino) American, I feel especially distressed along with family members and many friends.

Sadly, we have seen this before. As we discuss in our course When Justice Fails: Threats to the Independence of the Judiciary, a majority on the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans at the start of World War II based on racist beliefs. At this moment in history, all thoughtful Americans need to speak out against anti-Asian violence and prejudice and affirm our nation’s ideals of justice, peace and tolerance.



Hon. Benes Z. Aldana (Ret.)

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