All courses are canceled through June 20 because of COVID-19 concerns

Updated: April 13, 2020

Original: March 11, 2020

Dear Judges:

The leadership of the NJC continues to review information about COVID-19 and consider every contingency to determine a course of action that is in the best interests of our students, our faculty and our staff. As of now, all in-person classes scheduled through June 20 have been cancelled.

On Tuesday, March 10, the World Health Organization released a statement that the spread of coronavirus now qualified as a pandemic. We also learned about states cancelling their own in-state judicial programming or restricting out-of-state travel out of an abundance of caution.

As the leading provider of judicial education nationally, we are in a unique position; each of our courses is attended by judges and faculty traveling from more than a dozen states, many of whom are in the “higher risk” demographic cautioned to avoid travel by the CDC. We are keenly aware that any risk of exposure taken on by our participants may also impact court operations and the administration of justice down the road. We believe it is our responsibility to limit the exposure of the judiciary to this disease.

We apologize for this disappointing news. We know many judges were looking forward to the educational and networking benefits offered by these courses.

If you were enrolled in any of these courses, please make sure to cancel your hotel reservation and your flight. Many airlines are offering the opportunity to re-book a ticket without imposing a change fee.

We are making a determination about whether these courses can be rescheduled for a later date. We will be in touch as soon as a decision has been made. If you would prefer to transfer your enrollment to a different upcoming NJC course on your own, please contact the registrar.

Thank you for your patience and for your support of the NJC’s mission and work.


Hon. Benes Z. Aldana (Ret.)

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